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Stephen Fry Exclusive: Repurposing Humanity in the Age of Machines – PART TWO

Stephen Fry on training and upskilling in the age of machines.


Unleash Your Curiosity We bring you the second episode from our exclusive three-part series with Stephen Fry, a world-leading actor and writer. Fry talks to us about automation and the collective need to upskill.

  • Fry shares his thoughts on upskilling and training in the age of machines.
  • He discusses the power of education.
  • Fry also shares his opinion on automation and its impact on employees and employers.

UNLEASH is proud to present the second installment of an exclusive three-part video series featuring Stephen Fry, a renowned writer, actor, and comedian.

In this episode, Fry chats about two important themes for HR professionals: training and upskilling in the age of machines.

Fry poses a fundamental question: given the choice, would employers pick the educated candidate, one who has a free and open mind, or someone who’s been trained in doing that particular job?

The answer, Fry says, is easy:

You’d choose the educated person because they’d be able to pick up the required skills or knowledge on the job.

Technology and automation are changing the world of work at breaking speed — and with much of the conversation focused on the need to upskill or re-train your workforce — Fry’s addition to this debate is one you don’t want to miss.

Watch the exclusive video to find out how you can make sure your workforce is equipped to contribute to the ever changing digital environment.

Make sure you take a look at the first episode in the series, where Fry talks about an incoming “tsunami” of change that’s about to happen in our workplaces, homes, and lives and shares valid ethical concerns about AI, gene editing, and bionics.

Stay tuned for part three, featuring Fry’s insight on mental health and wellbeing in the workplace, launching tomorrow.

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