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Stephen Fry Exclusive: Repurposing Humanity in the Age of Machines – PART 1

Stephen Fry discusses the incoming technology “tsunami” and the need for humans to be aware.

Unleash Your Curiosity We are delighted to bring you this exclusive footage of Stephen Fry’s commentary about the future of technology, humanity, and work.

  • Stephen Fry discusses the impact technology will have on employees and employers.
  • He shares his biggest ethical concerns about artificial intelligence, bionics, and gene editing.
  • Fry talks about a “tsunami” of change — one like we’ve never seen before.

UNLEASH is proud to present an exclusive three-part video series featuring Stephen Fry, a renowned writer, actor, and comedian.

In this first installment, Fry discusses the incoming technology “tsunami” and the need for humans to be aware of the associated risks and ethical considerations this change will bring to our workplaces, homes, and lives.

We’re like a little seaside village, and forgetting COVID, everything’s cozy and jolly but out at sea different currents are amassing and these are building into a tsunami like we’ve never seen before.

With technologies such as artificial intelligence, bionics, or gene editing gaining momentum, it’s never been so important for decision-makers to be fully aware of the implications.

As HR professionals prepare to embrace the work revolution — and with our exclusive new report revealing that the vast majority (84%) of HR projects fail — Fry’s commentary is an eye-opening journey into our collective future as employees, employers, and humans.

Stay tuned for Part Two launching tomorrow.

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