UNLEASH Startup Zone

The Startup Zone at UNLEASH World is the best place for you to encounter the future of HR technology. Last year alone, UNLEASH showcased over 100 startup companies in Paris! When we talk about the EPICENTER OF WORKFORCE REVOLUTION, this is the tip of the spear. This is where tomorrow’s solutions are demonstrated.

Startup Zone

Exploring the Startups at UNLEASH World will give you face-time with the creators of niche solutions – options that can be less expensive than the big guys. You will find a community of solution developers who are eager to talk to you about tailored solutions, about your needs and about developing their offering based on your suggestions. The conversations will be about you, not an inflexible product.

You need to experience the vibe of our startups – you can’t help but be uplifted by their attitude, enthusiasm, energy, openness, and passion.

UNLEASH World 2019 - Snapshot of our Startups!

The Tournament

All participating startups at UNLEASH World 2020 will have the opportunity to compete for the grand prize in our biggest UNLEASH Startup Award yet. On day one, our highest rated startups will compete in solution-specific competitions to determine the best-in-class technology. On day 2, the winner of each will proceed to our grand finale opening Main Stage to pitch to our carefully selected panel of expert judges. The winner will receive a prize worth 24,000 EUR and exposure to the entire UNLEASH community.

The Startup Stage

This is where you can listen to and meet a mix of entrepreneurs, influencers, and your HR colleagues as they discuss all things HR tech startup! Listen to bite-sized pitches and product demos, experts discussing problems and progress in the industry, and diverse panels of experts discussing the ins and outs of HR tech entrepreneurship. This is also the home of the Startup Award, where you can see the highest concentration of HR tech startups sharing their vision with the community. Discover the future of HR tech in the short, medium, and long term.

Guided Startup Tours

Join the UNLEASH Startup Guided Tours to be shown around and introduced to startups by an industry expert. This streamlined experience will take you through the greatest hits in the zone quickly and efficiently, leaving it up to you whether you want to go back for more. You will get the low down from our guide who will give you their impartial opinion, meet startup founders and entrepreneurs delivering next-gen tech, and gain insight from your colleagues and peers who are also asking the key questions. If you need solutions—even if you don’t know if those solution exist yet—this is a powerful experience.

UNLEASH World 2019 - Our Startups!

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