At UNLEASH we are very proud of the protected environment of openness, sharing and connecting that it fosters throughout our shows. At UNLEASH World, this is a central part of our show experience. You will be surrounded by senior HR decision-makers. You will be part of a curated and protected attendee group and you will be where the important conversations are happening that are shaping the world of work. Register now or download the event brochure at the bottom of this page.

Your Peer Group is Coming to Paris

With 55% of the total attendance in Amsterdam last year Director and above, you are guaranteed to be surrounded by your peers. Protecting this is crucial for us, as we understand that for constructive debate and discussion, you need to be surrounded by HR practitioners. Solution providers are a crucial and valuable part of the discussion, and they are present on the expo floor.

A snapshot of the UNLEASH World delegate tribe:

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Meet the Speakers and Influencers

Throughout UNLEASH World, unlike other conferences, you have the chance to meet and talk to the speakers in the breakout sessions. You can identify and chat to journalists, influencers and analysts. By attending UNLEASH World, you are putting yourself at the epicentre of the workforce revolution.

Want to Learn More?

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