Elin Öberg Mårtenzon

Elin Öberg Mårtenzon


Tengai Unbiased

Elin is continuously working to develop the innovative AI-robot, Tengai, to help companies attract and keep talent. Tengai is an extension of Elin’s personal values since she strongly feels that the employment market should be accessible to everyone. The social interview robot is unbiased by design, with an inclusion and diversity software, programmed to measure soft skills and personality traits. The robot is used to conduct the initial candidate interview since it is crucial when it comes to unconscious biases. By not using data-driven tools, like Tengai, a recruiter can decide on a candidate just based on their subjective gut feeling. The technology will actually create a more human meeting and recruiters can focus on engaging with candidates later in the recruitment funnel. These are just some of the challenges Elin and the Tengai-team are facing to create a fair and data-driven process. Elins’ extensive experience from the recruitment management field has made her a visionary and a recruitment pioneer, driven to change, improve and innovate the field of HR- and recruitment. She recognizes how important talent sourcing is to have a successful business and therefore argues selecting candidates based on their future potential. Elin puts her finger on real current challenges and speaks with great enthusiasm about combining the recruitment process with exciting technological solutions.

Agenda items

day 2

14:15 - 14:55


Room E06

PANEL| The Battle of the Interview Bots: Fair or Foul?

Elin Öberg Mårtenzon CEO Tengai Unbiased
Eyal Grayevsky CEO & Co-Founder Mya
Max Armbruster Founder & CEO Talkpush
Aaron Matos Founder Paradox
Sahil Sahni Co-Founder AllyO
Madeline Laurano Founder Aptitude Research

It's time for the leading AI interview bots to go to show their best moves- Unconscious bias notwithstanding, the moderator and 5 leading bots will debate the strengths, the weaknesses and the ultimate reality of how far their algorithms can really take HR to achieving a truly unbiased recruitment strategy. Join the session to find out who’s the winner!


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