Why We’re Optimistic About Bots for Talent Acquisition

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Why We’re Optimistic About Bots for Talent Acquisition
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Bots! For all the buzz around them, bots aren’t going to replace the humans who work in talent acquisition. But they could save us a lot of time, make recruiters’ jobs more interesting and improve the candidate experience.

At Talent Tech Labs, we’re optimistic about where bot technology is going and what it will do for talent-acquisition teams. In our new report, we review the business case for chat, voice and video bots and take a deep dive into the current bot technology on the market.

So, what can bots do for your hiring process? A lot. For starters, bots can improve the top-of-the-funnel candidate experience and supercharge job-matching and job-discovery. Here’s how.

A Better Candidate Experience

When someone lands on your career page or on a specific job ad, they probably have a lot of basic questions about what it’s like to work with you and how they can apply. Bots can answer those questions — in fact, answering basic candidate questions is an area of bot technology that’s already fairly well-developed. And while a chatbot on a career page might seem basic (and the technology is), the experience for candidates is actually pretty transformative.

Drew Austin, CEO and co-founder of Wade & Wendy, says, “It’s fascinating. During an interview with Wendy, our bot, we always say that she’s a machine. But people humanize it. They actually say things like, ‘Thank you for listening’ to a machine, because people like the opportunity to be heard. It’s giving job seekers a platform to actually be able to tell their story without being rushed off the phone or being judged the whole time.”

Bots can also have personalized conversations at scale. Nachi Junankar, CEO and co-founder of Avrio AI, says he has seen the impact of a personalized conversation between candidates and a bot. The bot uses all the data available to inform each conversation, he says. “That conversation is highly contextual and completely personalized. It’s about [the candidate’s] preferences, skills, availability, salary expectations, where she wants to go, her next job. It’s all about her.”

Better Job-Matching and Job-Discovery

It’s often hard for candidates to get a quick view of all the available positions and zoom in on the one opportunity that’s best for them. Bots can help candidates discover the best possible jobs for their experience and preferences. Job-matching is another function that’s pretty basic, technologywise, but is actually a huge leap in the right direction for the candidate experience.

Most companies have a poor search experience on their career page, says Luc Dudler, founder and CEO of jobpal. “You can put in one keyword and a location, and you end up with dozens, sometimes hundreds, of jobs. There are only two possible outcomes: Either the person leaves the page because they’re not going to go through 80 job posts, or most likely, if they apply, they apply for a position that’s not the most ideal for them.”

Just by optimizing job-discovery, he says, “we can complete and improve metrics for the whole funnel for the company.” Avrio AI’s Junankar adds that bots can redirect people to the right job, even if they pick the wrong one. “Our system will say, ‘Hey, it looks like you applied for the wrong job. Here’s a better job for you.’ ”

To learn more about how bots are helping organizations hire better candidates, save recruiters time and streamline the talent-acquisition process, read our full report: “Bots for Talent Acquisition.

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