Turning employee data into effective action with Workometry

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Many of you will know Andrew Marritt for his consulting business in the area of People Analytics. At HR Tech Paris in 2015 Andrew showed a very early version of Workometry which could best be described as a core machine learning framework which was deployed with consultancy to help HR clients do engagement surveys better. In early 2016 Andrew decided to pivot this approach in favour of developing Workometry as a technology product based on some of their developed and tested algorithms. Of this change Andrew says “Our business model still has services, but these days we turn away standard consulting work or refer prospects to those we respect. We still do deploy our data scientists, but now it’s to help clients get the most out of Workometry data.”


Recognising that survey comments necessitate action and traditional ‘small data’ questions lacked context, the Workometry team decided to expand their machine learning expertise to develop algorithms to scale open questions and combine perception data with HR to identify patterns, segments and guide action.


Workometry is a fully-featured technology product that poses questions then rapidly analyses and summarises thousands of text answers to extract the data which guides managers to where action is needed. The tool enables employees to provide rich, contextual feedback in their own words, thus increasing the validity of answers and making them more specific and actionable.


The fastest growing vertical for Workometry is the management consulting sector. These firms see Workometry as fitting into the ‘digitalisation of the consulting value chain’ trend and provide valuable support to let their consultants add value to consulting assignments. So why do they find it so appealing? “Workometry can operate at scale. The biggest growth driver for us at the moment are clients using employee feedback to drive strategic change in organizations. Executives can ask open questions to all of their employees about a whole range of topics – post-merger integration, brand repositioning, customer experience, transformation projects etc. Workometry is linking large volumes of employee data – who they are, what they do – with their perception data and using machine learning to identify important patterns.”


Workometry is on the lookout for early stage VC firms at HR Tech World and any potential new clients looking to capture individual opinions in real time and be able to do something with it. Andrew concludes “at the moment we believe we’re on par or out-performing experienced market researchers in this task, but at a tiny fraction of the cost and time. When machine learning so fundamentally shifts the economics of listening to all your employees why would you ask questions using a 5 point scale? In fact, why would you not consult your workforce more?”



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Website: www.workometry.com

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2gnbeOp1BLo&feature=youtu.be

Email: andrew.marritt@organizationview.com

Twitter: @AndrewMarritt

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/organizationview-gmbh

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