#disruptHRtech Part IV: The effective new hub for soft-skill recruiting

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Faye Holland, HR Tech World and #disruptHRtech blogger interviews Reto Rüegger, Co-Founder softfactors AG, a company that truly offers a great candidate experience as well as quality and speed for the recruiter.

FAYE: Who is SoftFactors and what do you do?

RETO: softfactors AG is an HR Tech company, based in Zurich, Switzerland. We developed a recruiting solution that measures and compares both resumes and soft skills. With our softfactors platform and its universal interface we offer a hub for all soft skill related analytics within a company and across other HR systems.

FAYE: Can you talk me through the screening process a little more?

RETO: Our matching algorithm automatically compares specifically defined job requirements with all candidate profiles. It measures and compares qualifications, work experience, social skills and personality of applicants and compares these with the requirements of the job opening, using a set of competencies and pre-defined job profiles. The result is an immediate ranking of all the candidates comparing both resumes and soft skills.

FAYE: How do you also screen soft-skills?

RETO: As a candidate, you click on the apply button when you’re interested in a job. You enter your name, location and email address. You get an email, which redirects you to a branded, white-labeled platform in which your personality and soft skills are screened in 15 minutes. During the screening, you go through four or five online tests consisting of a mix of personality assessment, ability testing and exercises based on competence-based position requirements. After this you upload your CV and additional documents and send off your application by clicking the button. The same time the hiring company gets all the information as well as a detailed candidate report on the tests and can now take the decisions whom to invite to the interviews. For the candidates it is a great experience (so far only 2% of the candidates that have entered the process, haven’t finished it) and for the hiring company an easy and inexpensive way to do an initial soft skills screening.

FAYE: I know you focus your product on quality and speed, as well as helping companies to hire faster, cheaper or better – can you expand on this a little more?

RETO: Adding our softfactors recruiting solution to your hiring process increases hiring quality and speed, by offering the same time a novel candidate experience.

In other words: It helps recruiters identify which candidates they should consider interviewing and hiring and it helps candidates understand why they are not a good fit for the job they applied for. As all candidates apply for your job going through the softfactors online solution, you already have a feedback on soft skill matching of a candidate to a job, before taking the decision whom to invite to the interviews. The result, as our customers confirm, is a higher quality in the interviews, a second opinion on matching competence-based job requirements and last but not least a faster process until the hire.

FAYE: Who are your principal ‘buyers’ and then who are the ‘users’ – is there a profile?

RETO: Being a hub for soft skills testing in the recruiting process, softfactors can be combined with any recruiting system or be used as a standalone solution.

Thus all companies, which value a novel candidate experience and a soft skill based recruiting, can buy and use our solution in their hiring process. It can be used for all jobs (even experts and specialists), as we tailor the tests for each position to be hired.

On the other hand, our “users” are all the candidates, valuing a recruiting process with a great experience and the effort of also soft skill recruiting.

FAYE: How does your technology platform work and how easy is it to integrate?

RETO: Our softfactors platform works as cloud service and is completely modularized. There are integration APIs to access the various modules and to facilitate easy integrations.

FAYE: What do you believe are pre-requisites in any new HR Tech?

RETO: For us there where two aspects key when developing softfactors: supporting easy integrations (APIs) and running as software as a service.

FAYE: Rene Bolier interviewed you previously so it’d be great if you could give me an update on what you achieved from attending HR Tech last year and what you’re hoping to achieve this year?

RETO: Last year we already took back home a number of very interesting contacts and the motivation to be back this year. Technically we just started to work together with companies who would like to use our solution as a part of their existing process and with this integrate the two components “novel candidate experience” and “online soft skills testing”. Based on this our focus is on softfactors becoming the hub for all soft skill recruiting by successfully do integrated solutions with new companies.

To get in touch with Reto please use these details

Reto Rüegger

Co-Founder softfactors AG

Email: Reto.ruegger@softfactors.com

Twitter: @Retotweet

LinkedIn: https://ch.linkedin.com/in/RETO: ruegger

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Twitter: @softfactors_com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/softfactors-ag

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Softfactors-431072217057555/


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