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As social media networks grow in numbers, so do new ways of reaching potential qualified job candidates, and Talentwunder is taking advantage of this trend. A runner up in the HR Tech Startup Competition, Talentwunder is a social recruiting tool that helps employers find and hire the best talent worldwide. Talentwunder CEO, Andreas Dittes, explains that the recruitment process is missing a core competitive advantage at the moment – finding the right talent at the right time. So Talentwunder seeks to address this by connecting recruiters to 1.6 billion profiles across 53 social media networks and by using predictive analytics and social signals to predict a candidate’s willingness to change job. The startup’s technology helps recruiters find in-demand talent in sectors like IT and Engineering both fast and accurately.

Although the exposure is invaluable, Andreas tells me Talentwunder are participating in the HR Tech World Startup Competition due to their interest in seeing what new trends and technologies are emerging. The competition is one of the best places to do that and it’s a chance to be alongside fellow new and innovative companies.

While other solutions offer AI to quicken the process of talent sourcing, Talentwunder highlights the significance of another aspect. Talentwunder believes it’s important to have an engaging employer brand, personalised outreach (when you can) and to know where your company is headed. It’s remembering the communication is between a unique and individual company and a single person, who will have different talents, traits and needs to others. Nevertheless, Talentwunder is focussed on strengthening their predictive analytics and matching functions, which include machine learning and AI, for the future, as well as their candidate database.

But what is the ROI for businesses? Andreas tells me Talentwunder reduces the time taken to hire candidates by aggregating 1.6 billion profiles from over 50 networks in its tool. Talentwunder also has highly accurate matching with unique filters, which help organisations see which candidates are more likely to accept an offer or even relocate.

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Company size: N/A
Based: Germany
Key customers: Swisscom, Kienbaum Consulting, and more
Target industries: HR Leaders, Talent Acquisition and Recruiters
What function within HR is your product designed for: Talent acquisition and recruiting

About Andreas

Andreas Dittes is consultant, growth hacker and passionate entrepreneur. He is a founder of Dittes Ventures, a lean startup company builder and web-prototyping laboratory, and is co-founder and CEO of Talentwunder. Talentwunder is a social recruiting tool that helps employers find and hire the best talent worldwide.

For more information:
Twitter: @talentwunder

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