Revolutionising employee feedback with Peachy Mondays

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Revolutionising employee feedback with Peachy Mondays
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Serial entrepreneurs Gordon Adam and James Anderson are on a mission to help businesses find better ways to create truly engaging workplaces. Utilising their expertise in HR, the business duo launched Peachy Mondays last year (after 3 years of development and trials) as a solution to an obvious fundamental flaw in HR.


Peachy Mondays is a unified, easy-to-use employee feedback management platform, giving deep insight in days rather than months. The integrated applications include mobile-friendly surveys, pulses and ‘always-on’ feedback, all featuring targeted anonymous dialogue for 360 connectivity.


Gordon tells me “Peachy Mondays seeks to revolutionise survey processes, taking clients away from merely telling what participants think, to answering both the ‘what’ and ‘why’ behind how participants think”. The solution’s Targeted Anonymous Dialogue is crucial to this; it enables employers to ask further questions, individually or collectively, based on initial responses to surveys. Gordon adds “The anonymity gives participants freedom to respond when it suits them, not in front of colleagues, and it also allows for unbiased responses. Everyone can contribute sincerely, giving a voice to all”.


One of the areas in the application for the competition was how it could be anything from 3-12 month lead time for large targeted prospects. I asked Gordon why this was the case, he said “There are many reasons, but basically large enterprises just tend not to move fast. Sometimes there’s a protracted tendering process, other times they start looking ahead for replacements 12 (or more) months before an existing supplier’s contract runs out. We have a new client who we first contacted last May, they had a merger coming up which required some deep, fast feedback – little happened for 9 months then suddenly we pitched, won and have gone live within 3 weeks!”


Having taken a look at the solution it seems that the real value-add is where Peachy Mondays work with clients that have a real business case, with real employee feedback rather than just downloading a simple test demo. These pilots are paid for and Gordon explains why they work so well “We encourage clients to think about an actual business challenge, which would benefit from getting employee feedback. This could be checking alignment to a change project, understanding why one business unit isn’t performing optimally, or even starting with a simple eNPS (employee Net Promoter Score)”. From the pilot the customer then sees exactly how they can use Peachy Mondays on an ongoing basis.


Based in Blairlogie in Scotland, Gordon and James are supported by developers and partners, and feel they’re poised for growth as they look for not only financial investment, but a partner who could also provide domain knowledge and a route to market. Peachy Mondays’ roadmap is heavily influenced by customer demand, making it an agile disrupter in HR Tech.


Excited to have made the Top 5 in 2017, Gordon celebrates where they are today “Over 70 organisations have already used the platform and we are now primed and ready to raise the game and scale up even more.”


Quick Reference

Company size: 6 plus partners

Based: Blairlogie, Scotland, UK

Key customers: Key customers include Rational Group, Scottish Water, Doosan Babcock, Brussels Airlines, Dundee & Angus College, Apex Hotels, Thornton Solicitors, Brodies Solicitors, BTO Solicitors, NPS Group, Craneware, The Zetter Group, and others.

Target industries: We are not targeting specific markets, but customers are typically predominately white collar with an online employee base. Early customers have ranged across Education, Hospitality, Healthcare, Engineering and Technology, but this is not a reflection of target markets

What function within HR is your product designed for: Head of OD, Employee Engagement Manager, Internal Communication specialist. Often the HR Director, CEO, COO or a line manager is the first point of contact


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