Personalised Development With Just 4 Questions Through StarLinks

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A bright addition to the HR Tech World Startup Stage is StarLinks, a HR SaaS company offering organisations and their people a personal development platform. StarLinks takes social network sciences and turns it into actionable personalised feedback through analysis. By focussing on individuals and their social patterns, StarLinks drives change bottom up. The platform works by first gathering data – but the employees answer just four questions. Starlinks then analyses collective answers to generate personalised feedback on an individual basis. For those seeking more information, people can view their own and organisational level data in their personal pages.

While user engagement is driven internally, StarLinks advocates that it’s people’s choice to participate where they see it to be of personal benefit to them. In prioritising end users StarLinks made sure the system requires very little time from users, just five minutes. By giving employees so much guidance for just moments of their time, StarLinks makes user engagement an attractive prospect for those who are interested in taking part.

Michal Gradshtein, CEO of StarLinks, explains the aim is to enable everyone in an organisation to work on their self-development, including guided personal reflection, refinement of the ‘personal value proposition’ and regular soft skills exercises. The AI technology uses available data to get to know each person over time, just as a coach would, and match the right guidance and exercises appropriately. This AI micro-coaching is just part of a bigger growth system offering a variety of tools.

As a young startup StarLinks will be using their presence on the HR Tech World Startup Stage to get closer to their potential clients from around the world. Michal tells me they will be looking for early adopters interested in maximising their organisation as a network of interconnected talents. She explains it’s a great opportunity to speak to people face to face, listen and better understand their perspective and needs. StarLinks is currently running their first pilot.

Quick Reference

Based: Jerusalem
Target industries: StarLinks is more about mindset than industry. Target organisations are those that are able to provide data about people to the people themselves and not to their managers.
What function within HR is your product designed for: Learning & Development and Organisational Development

About Michal

Michal Gradshtein is an organizational psychologist with a network perspective. Her startup company, StarLinks, is a reflection of her ‘guided emergence’ approach to organisations. Michal’s experience extends to global organisations such as P&G and a variety of industries.

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Twitter: @StarLinksComing

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