Meet the 6 Finalists for the UNLEASH Startup Award in London

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Meet the 6 Finalists for the UNLEASH Startup Award in London
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The UNLEASH Startup Zone is the place to learn about the hottest startups in HR tech, and our UNLEASH Startup Award recognizes those with the highest potential.

“Over the last six years nearly 200 startups had the opportunity to introduce themselves to the UNLEASH community. Most have had remarkable success — with an overall investment of nearly 900 million euros being raised by them in total so far. These startups are shaking up the HR industry as we speak, and I can’t wait to see them on stage in London in a couple of weeks,” said Anna Ott, head of startup ecosystem at UNLEASH.

Check out the six finalists chosen by our expert jury for UNLEASH London 2018.


Assense by Actiview is a mixed-reality assessment platform that enables employers to gauge the behavioral and cognitive profile of the company’s talent in real-life simulations and predict an individual candidate’s fit with a specific team and position. The tech leverages mixed-reality, spatial-data and deep-learning methodologies, along with neuroscientific research, to unlock predictive data streams and deliver an accurate, adaptive, data-driven recruiting solution.


Coorpacademy specializes in corporate digital learning and relies on a cutting-edge technological platform and design that converts any content into an engaging online learning experience. The platform integrates the latest innovations in online education (flipped pedagogy, collaborative learning, gaming features such as quizzes, scores and battles) thanks to the research of its R&D instructional design team at Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, a leader on massive open online courses (MOOCs) in Europe.


Vault is a counter-harassment platform designed for the workplace and powered by blockchain technology. Vault was created as a direct response to the recent public and media outcry against harassment, which proved that pre-existing reporting systems are broken. Vault aims to fix the recording and reporting problems by creating a safe, encrypted and immutable digital space to record harassment incidents (sexual harassment, bullying and discrimination).


JobPal builds chatbots that automate the communication between employers and candidates. Chatbots offer a fundamentally new way for job seekers and candidates to apply for jobs — through their interface of choice, more intuitive and more engaging. For companies, chat as a channel means higher engagement of their talent pool, and the technology behind it gives companies the opportunity to automate many tasks of the recruiting process that are not value-add.


RoboRecruiter uses messaging automation via a chatbot platform that can save recruiters time on the more repetitive and mundane aspects of the recruitment process. At the same time, chatbots significantly increase candidate experience and engagement levels. ROI has been seen in candidate database cleansing, re-engagement, CRM/ATS mining, application prequalification, data compliance, candidate availability and more.


Jenna is an AI-driven SaaS solution that transforms the process of candidate screening. With Jenna, recruiters can create in a matter of minutes their own smart and automated recruiter to ask job candidates the important questions, then filter and score the different candidates. Jenna saves precious time, lowers drastically the hustle around first-round review and opens new channels for onboarding potential clients (such as direct messages, Facebook, LinkedIn Messaging and more).

See the full list of startups joining us at the 2018 London show.

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