Making Your New Recruits Welcome With Enboarder

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This is the 4th part of our series on the HR Tech World Startup Competition powered by Cornerstone. Faye Holland, our MC for the startup expo, writes about the 5 finalists (and 10 runners-up) who will compete for a sponsorship package during HR Tech World Amsterdam. Purchase your tickets to the show here.

Joining HR Tech World on the Startup Competition stage is Enboarder, a workflow product designed to optimise employee engagement through onboarding. Enboarder challenges the ways of traditional onboarding, empowering HR to create custom communications and activities for any manager or new hire in a personal and engaging way.

The focus is establishing connections between people and engaging new employees before they’ve even started, by sharing their company culture through rich media and messaging. All too often people don’t hear anything from a new employer until they start, and if they hear anything it’s impersonal and task driven. Enboarder is all about making new recruits feel like they’re going to help make an impact to the business, and not like just another number or commodity.

Instead of making onboarding about what companies need, Enboarder makes it about people: the manager and the new hire. This is something this startup is looking to champion at HR Tech World, with hopes of more companies considering the significance of creating a consistent onboarding experience to ‘wow’ new hires and better ways to coach managers.

While Enboarder empowers employers before employment starts, the benefits can be felt in the long-term too. New hires become more connected with their colleagues, more engaged in their work and ultimately much more likely to stay, thanks to the personalised, consistent and engaging onboarding experience that Enboarder can provide. It also helps prepare managers for more efficient and engaging onboarding and assists HR in laying the foundation for long-term employee engagement. Enboarder aims to ensure a consistent and engaging employee experience for all new hires, no matter the manager, team or location.

There’s the saying ‘people leave bosses, not companies’ for a reason, so Enboarder’s goal is to help those bosses build better relationships with new hires, which goes a long way to getting employees engaged and retaining them. Enboarder tells me a client, oOh!Media, has achieved 90% eNPS score for all new employees and they’ve found a big change in who’s responsible for onboarding; having previously been that of HR, Enboarder is helping companies put accountability for onboarding safely in the hands of hiring managers.

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Company size: N/A
Based: Sydney, Australia
Key customers: HSBC, Westpac, EA Games, Samsung, Houston Health, Match,Kelly Services
Target industries: All
What function within HR is your product designed for: Onboarding, Employee Experience, TA, L&D

About Gareth

Gareth Davies is the VP of Sales for Enboarder. He’s passionate about disruptive HR technology he loves speaking with companies that put their people first and challenging the status quo within the HR process.

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