I’m So Proud of My HR Technology Startup Babies!

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OK so spoiler alert they’re not actually really my babies, but I feel like a really proud parent after attending HR Tech World in Amsterdam this week. This year saw the transition of a number of our HR Tech World Startup zone (formerly known as disruptHR) companies as they move up from primary school to secondary school (OK, the product demo area) and some even to graduation (OK, so the main exhibition floor).

I’ve been emcee for the last 3 competitions and been the lead blogger on this zone since 2015, which involves interviewing each of the finalists and runners-up and writing articles for each of them to assist them in raising their profile as part of the startup programme. This provides a great opportunity to really get a pulse of the latest tech space innovation and dig deeper on technology that could truly provide alternative, agile approaches to clients.

The Startup zone has helped many new innovative techs go further and quicker than they would do alone. They get feedback, mentorship and join a community that wants to progress the industry (read Marc Coleman’s blog) so I want to highlight a few of them here that have been through some great growth and suggest some others to watch. Obviously, these are not my favourites (as no parent has favourites right!), just ones that specifically spring to mind as a result of the latest event, starting with those that have joined the big players on the exhibition floor.

  • BeameryTop 10 in Paris 2016 – How to treat candidates like customers
  • Beekeeper – Digitise your non-desk workforce
  • Clinch – Making company content top of the list in your hiring process
  • FirstbirdTop 10 in Paris 2016 – Turning your company’s network into a recruiting engine
  • Globe Payroll – Taking on the payroll big boys and girls
  • ImpraiseFinalist in London 2016 – Making performance management and coaching employee-driven
  • Jobbatical – matching business, technology and creative professionals with companies hiring talent around the world
  • Softfactors – The effective new hub for soft-skill recruiting
  • TandemWinner in Paris 2016 – Transforming Performance and Engagement through Feedback and Coaching

Then the one’s I am looking at to shine further in 2018 include:

  • CandidateID – Leveraging digital marketing to reach your best candidates
  • Peachy MondaysRunner up in March 2017 – easy-to-use employee feedback management platform, giving deep insight in days rather than months
  • PeakonFinalist Paris 2016 – Keeping your finger on the pulse with real-time engagement
  • WellevueFinalist Amsterdam 2015 – Company culture – there’s an app for that!
  • WorkometryFinalist London 2016 – Turning employee data into effective action

And no doubt many more…I’d also really like to see Enboarder and Payzaar (both finalists this time in Amsterdam) come up the ranks quickly as a result of their great presentations and products.

For those who want to find out who was in the Startup zone this time please read the Who’s Who blog. And for all my blogs on the Startup zone please go to my author page.

With the launch of UNLEASH and a continued focus on the Startup zone I think we can all expect some exciting updates for 2018 from the event team: more innovation, and more new companies coming through the UNLEASH experience.

I, in turn will continue to be the proud parent supporting the programme, and of course the startups themselves.

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