HR Tech Europe 2014 – What a Ride!

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HR Tech Europe 2014 – What a Ride!
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HR Tech Europe 2014 was anything but boring! Now, as we look at it in the rear-view mirror, the realisation of what happened during those two days is starting to settle in. When in the preparation mode for the biggest HR Tech Europe event to date you tend to focus on a million small details – making sure speakers send you their presentation slides, double-checking vendor stands allocation, arranging for last-minute accommodation requests, scheduling interviews, finalising the registration list. The two days of the event pass you by in a blink of an eye, while immediately after the event you are too excited, too exhausted and too hyper – all at once – to properly comprehend what actually happened. It takes time for the reality to sink in.

And the reality is that HR Tech Europe 2014 was a phenomenal success! Reading through testimonials, thank-you notes, press articles, speakers’ observations it becomes all the more clear just how many people were inspired by the event. We will give you examples of the feedback we received later in this post. Right now it is important to acknowledge and thank those who made this event possible:

  • To Speakers, Thank you for your inspiring ideas, commitment to innovation, the time and effort you put into delivering thought-provoking presentations, and for travelling the extra mile from different parts of the world to share your knowledge!
  • To  Sponsors & Exhibitors, Thank you for creating the atmosphere of fun, networking and learning! We are very proud that unlike at most other events, vendors at HR Tech Europe focus on engaging the audience, entertaining and educating as opposed to blindly pushing products. What a fun, vibrant atmosphere you created at the event! Big Thank you too to our Lead Sponsors: CornerstoneOnDemand, Kronos, IBM, Oracle, SuccessFactors and Workday.
  • To Media, Bloggers and Photographers, Thank you for always keeping us on our toes! While it is always flattering to read raving reviews and hear nothing but positive feedback, it is crucial not to lose sight of things that should and could be done better. Nobody is perfect, and we rely on honest feedback to continue exceeding participants expectations! Big Thank you for sharing the knowledge you gathered at the event with your readers!
  • To Delegates, of course none of this would’ve happened if it weren’t for you! Our sincere Thank you for taking the time out of your lives to travel to Amsterdam from all over the world, for engaging in lively discussions, for participating in learning activities and sharing your experience with your peers. People often come to the event to learn just from speakers not realising that information will also flow at them from every direction inside and outside the conference hall.
  • To our MC of the event, Johnny Campbell, a big Thank you from the HRN team for your hard work during the two days of the event, for guiding the audience through presentations, discussions and helping us on stage as well as behind the scene before, during and after the event!
  • Last but not least, Big Thank You to the most fantastic team at HRN Europe! The level of commitment shown by every member of our team, the willingness to motivate and support each other and the genuine feeling of pride and ownership every single person takes over the event is truly inspiring, especially for a relative newcomer like me!

So let’s take a look at some of the numbers from the event:

  • Attended by 2,000+ people from +50 countries
  • 154 Speakers presented in 9 tracks on Learning, Talent Management, HR Technology, Outsourcing & Shared Services, the Cloud, Social Enterprise, and Future of Work
  • 9,000 + tweets posted from the day of the event and two days after, reaching over 8 million people
  • 85 exhibitors showcased top solutions in HR and Recruitment
  • Over 32 product demos took place
  • 20 million + people influenced through the event

This year, HR Tech Europe unveiled its new feature, the disruptHR zone supported by Cornerstone On Demand. 18 young innovative start-ups showcased their exciting new products, with such outstanding speakers as Holger Mueller, Gary Hamel, Josh Bersin, DISRUPTHRWilliam Tincup, Bruno Tourme and many others taking the stage to share their expertise on disruptive trends and industry challenges. The event provided these start-ups with a unique opportunity to network with their target audience, get feedback and meet investors, talk to the members of the press and share their story of building a company from the ground up.

We were also thrilled to have Google at the event. Not only did the audience have a chance to listen to the presentations by such leading experts as Kim Wylie, Yvonne Agyei and Thomas Davies, but for the first in the history of HR events, Google showcased its creative, innovative products, Google for Work, with an exhibition stand. Traffic and buzz around Google at the event was constant. Look at how fun, cozy and delightful their stand was!WP_20141022_00214982117893_513c26c3c4_n

Inspiration was all around. You could hear it in conversations on the exhibition floors, questions posed by the audience during Speaker presentations, during coffee and lunch breaks and, of course, on social media.

While some were taking notes and taking in the presentations, Frédéric Williquet, our long-time partner and blogger, was busy putting together superb visualisations of the information and sharing them with the rest of the attendees. For example, here is his sketch of R “Ray” Wang’s Opening Keynote on Day 2.


Something was happening in every corner at HR Tech Europe: one-on-one meetings with the industry’s top solution providers, consultations with expert analysts, including John Sumser, Stacey Harris, Josh Bersin, Katherine Jones and many others; informal networking at the Amsterdam bar; product demos; contests and raffles on the exhibition floor.

vlcsnap-2014-11-05-13h12m06s107The Media Lounge had a constant stream of video interviews with such speakers as Yves Morieux, R “Ray” Wang, David McCandless, Jason Averbook, Dan Pontefract, Gary Hamel, Patrick Coolen, David Crumley, Ambrosia Humphrey and others.

HRN Europe also announced its schedule for 2015. HR Tech Europe 2014 was the last time we invited participants to Amsterdam RAI. In 2015, we are inviting you to Palais des 15455172418_5356f1cde0_kCongrès in Paris for HR Tech World Congress on 27 & 28 October. With scope for up to 4000 delegates, speakers, vendors and press to join the event next year!  iRecruit 2015, the must-attend event for everyone dealing with recruitment, sourcing and talent, is joining forces with HR Tech World Congress, and the two events will be co-located enabling a fully customisable experience for every attendee to design their own agenda, select networking events and set-up business meetings. Between now and then, HR Tech Europe will be in London, on 24 & 25 March 2015 and back in Amsterdam, on 7 May 2015.

Trying to squeeze two jam-packed days into a short summary is, I have to admit, a pretty tough call! So, we’ll have another blog article coming out next week with more perspectives and details. Until then, may we recommend you to some of the articles covering the event from Media, Bloggers’, Speakers’ and Vendors’ lenses.

You can also check out the presentation slides on our Slideshare channel as well as browse through photos on Flickr.

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