Announcing The Finalists Of The HR Tech World Amsterdam Startup Competition 2017

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This year, hundreds of nominations for the HR Tech World Amsterdam Startup Competition and Expo poured in from across the world to recognize those who embody excellence in entrepreneurship. Next month, 1000’s of HR Leaders join us in Amsterdam to celebrate the hard work of both the winner and the finalists. (Learn more about the history of the HR Tech World Competition and Expo.)

HR Tech World is honored to announce the 2017 Startup Finalists. Our 5 finalists are quite literally from one side of the planet to the other – from San Francisco in the United States, to Carlow in Ireland, to London in the UK, to St Petersburg in Russia and to Sydney in Australia.

These finalists are inspiring the next generation of game-changers, doers, leaders and disrupters for the next year. They demonstrate that taking risk, challenging a tough industry, and in my experience supporting one another, is the road to success and making the world of work a better place.

Sincere thanks to all the HR Tech World team and Advisors who have been working very hard during the summer to make this happen especially Kat, Andy, Rita, Claire, Roman, Sanjay, Judit, Felix, Bill, Faye, Peace and Kata. Our Sponsor Cornerstone who’s continued support allows the HR Tech World team to keep kicking it up a gear year on year.

We look forward to the easiest part now for us and the hardest part for our finalists: watching them pitch for their lives in 5 minutes and answer tough questions from analysts, vendors, prospective customers, investors and previous winners.

HR Tech World is proud to present, in alphabetical order, this year’s 5 Startup Finalists who will showcase their products on the pitching stage of Day 1 at 1:15 pm sharp!

Year:              Founded 2015
HQ:                Sydney, Australia
Founder:       Brent Pearson
Funding:       Our Innovation Fund
Clients:         Hugo Boss, Samsung, Deloitte, Kelly, Australia Post

Enboarder creates engaging onboarding experiences for today’s digital generation. Ensure a rich and consistent onboarding, on any device, for all employees!  Helping companies transition from candidate experience to employee experience.

Year:              Founded 2016
HQ:                Carlow, Ireland
Founder:       Marc-Oliver Fiedler & Trevor Townsend
Funding:       RocketInternet, Global Founders Capital, Enterprise Ireland
Clients:         TomTom,

Payzaar is a new, revolutionary approach to global payroll. The philosophy is simple: Allow customers to leverage what works and augment it with what is lacking. Rather than forcing customers to rip and replace their local payroll solution in order to benefit from an integrated global solution, Payzaar decided to leverage those existing local solutions and build around them. Payzaar allows for savings of up to 70% on the cost of global payroll with traditional providers

Robot Vera
Year:             Founded 2016
HQ:               Russia
Founder:      Alexey Kostarev
Funding:       Internet Initiatives Development Fund
Clients:         Kelly Services, Pepsi Co., Zara, Burger King

Robot Vera is an AI-project that helps recruiters with daily HR tasks. They search resumes on job boards, call the candidates to qualify them and create custom email responses. Robot Vera can complete all basic HR tasks up to 10x faster than humans and can save your company up to 50% on each new hire.

Year:              Founded 2014
HQ:                San Francisco, United States
Founder:       Arik Akverdian and Ilya Lazuchenkov
Funding:       TeqV
Clients:         PwC, BCG, Danone, MARS, L’Oreal

VCV is an AI-powered Robot-Recruiter that searches for candidates, calls them with questions using voice recognition, and then invites them to record a video interview. VCV can save recruiters over 20 hours of work with Recruiting Bots working 24/7 to find, chat and interview.

Year:              Founded 2017
HQ:                London, United Kingdom
Founder:       Morgan Lobb and Ben Charlcraft
Funding:       Crowdfunded
Clients:         American Express, PWC, Sainsbury’s, Barclays

Unlike job-boards, VERCIDA matches people with the right type of employer, finding a job within the right organisation means you can feel free to be yourself without reservation. The most accessible careers site in the world (can be used even if you are blind). No other careers site blends diversity and resourcing in way Vercida does to achieve “positive attraction”

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