#disruptHRtech Part XII: Making company content top of the list in your hiring process

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Faye Holland, HR Tech World and #disruptHRtech blogger interviews Shane Gray, VP Global Business Development of Clinch, a recruitment marketing platform that is returning to HR Tech and the #disruptHRtech stage this March.

FAYE:  Hi Shane, well here we are again? For the sake of our new readers, can you briefly explain who Clinch are and what you do?

SHANE:  Hi Faye, It’s great to be coming back to another HRN event.

Clinch is an inbound recruitment marketing platform, in effect marketing automation for recruiters. We help talent acquisition teams attract, identify, nurture and ultimately hire the right people using techniques taken from the world of sales and marketing.

Why would they want to copy a sales and marketing approach you may ask..?

All companies have people who are interested in working for them but the trouble is only 10% of them will apply for a job, the other 90% which is typically  badged “passive” talent will not apply because they are usually looking to find out more about the company first.  If you give them more content and build a relationship with them you now have a network of qualified candidates to fill your pipeline.  It’s a more effective use of time than always going outbound.

In practice we do this by making it easy for Talent acquisition teams to automatically build landing pages with more rich media, employer branding content and alternative calls to action than the typical ATS apply page. Any member of the recruitment team from a sourcer to a hiring manager can launch these pages in minutes. Then we have marketing automation to make it easy to nurture the people who do express an interest in connecting with your organisation but are just not ready to apply. Finally analytics and insights into the content and candidate behaviour help to work out what’s working and what isn’t.

FAYE:  During 2015 you seem to have been all around the globe meeting new companies and making new contacts. What have you discovered on your travels and has it made you think of your offering any differently?

SHANE:  We definitely clocked up a few air miles last year, attended a lot of events around the globe and refined our offering based on feedback from new and potential customers.  Ease of integration to ATS systems was an area we worked on with integrations to Greenhouse, Lever and Amris live and with more underway. By the time we reach London we’ll also have integration with Broadbean Adcourier in place to make it easy to expand distribution of jobs or careers content from our existing social and aggregator channels to all paid job boards worldwide.

It also confirmed to us that content is the key to successful recruitment, you can have all the tech in the world but if you have no content or poor content it will still be difficult. As a result we’ve put a lot of effort into helping companies understand which content is working well and which content isn’t and launched the Clinch Academy.

FAYE:  Can you tell me a little bit more about Clinch Academy and how that came about?

SHANE:   Clinch Academy is a community online learning platform where practitioners can learn about recruitment marketing and how to create the content they need to succeed. It’s built on the EdX university platform and allows anyone to take an online course delivered by people like Bill Boorman or Lars Schmidt.

Courses include videos, coursework, quizzes and other sources of information on the topic covered. You’ll even get a certificate when you complete a course.  Part of the reason it came about was our understanding of how challenging some companies find content creation. Yet it doesn’t have to be a big budget production, employee generated content can be the most successful when trying to attract new talent and these courses show you how to do it quickly and easily.

FAYE:  What is your view on the buyer market – its ability to innovate, engage and contract for new technologies?

SHANE:  There is no shortage of innovation going on and there is a real appetite for new technology that can automate some of the newer approaches to recruitment.

FAYE:  A marketing platform for recruiters is a different approach to the norm – what other new technologies have you come across and how well do you think you differentiate yourself in the market?

SHANE:  We’ve seen some interesting technology like Textio for optimising job listings that fits into our theme of creating better content. I stand by my earlier statement that good quality content is paramount.  Many candidates first exposure to a company as a potential employer is via a job listing…..

Everyone who looks at Clinch says we have a very different approach so we have to take their word for it. From the outset we made a conscious decision not to look at other products in the space to avoid falling into the trap of thinking that was what we had to build.

FAYE:  Makes perfect sense Shane, so what future plans do you have for development of the Clinch platform?

SHANE:  We’ll continue to focus on the top of the recruiting funnel, refining and automating the attraction and nurturing piece. More integrations will also play a part, we’ve an open API and will make it easy for complementary technology to integrate with us.

FAYE:  The last time we spoke there was talk of offices in Australia and New York – has that happened and can you tell us a little about the team and how they work with your clients?

SHANE:  We’ve opened an office in New York with some new hires planned there for Q3. We’ve also signed up reseller partners in Australia and North America. In Dublin we’ve expanded and continue to grow the engineering and sales & marketing teams. Because we put significant effort into onboarding our customers and will continue to do so it will also mean growing our customer success team over the next couple of months.

FAYE:  You are returning to disruptHRTech this year, what would you like to achieve as a result of your participation?

SHANE:  As always we are here to sell.  However we do put a lot of effort in behind the scenes to understand more about the companies we approach. We want to make sure we are a good fit for each other first.


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