#disruptHRtech Part IX: Making performance management and coaching employee-driven

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Faye Holland, HR Tech World and #disruptHRtech blogger interviews Steffen Maier of Impraise, a company that is taking on the annual performance appraisal and changing how performance management is done, and hopefully the market in general. 

FAYE: Who is Impraise and what do you do?

STEFFEN:  Impraise is a web-based and mobile solution for actionable, timely feedback at work. Today’s workplace still relies on outdated methods for providing feedback. Annual performance reviews are too inefficient and lacking to provide actionable feedback that helps employees improve continuously.

Impraise turns performance reviews into an easy process by enabling users to give and receive valuable feedback in real-time and when it’s most helpful. With Impraise, employees can better analyze their strengths and learning opportunities, track their progress and pursue their personal and professional goals all year long. Managers can easily set up 360 degree feedback for their team or themselves, resulting in more meaningful 1-on-1s and more engaged people.

FAYE: Why did you decide to take part in disruptHRTech this year and what would you like to achieve as a result of your participation?

STEFFEN:  We believe disruptHRTech will gain a lot of attention from companies that are going to renew their HR practices. Impraise represents the change in the performance management segment like no other company out there. Every company that aims at replacing the annual appraisal with continuous feedback will have a close look at the disruptHRTech stage.

FAYE: Totally agree! We all know employee engagement and retention was the hot topic of 2015 and continues to be so. In fact last year at #disruptHRtech we had more employee engagement entries than recruitment. So what makes Impraise different?

STEFFEN: Impraise makes performance management and coaching employee-driven. This way people naturally engage much more with their own and other’s growth. This not only drives motivation but learning and productivity.

FAYE: How do you see the market changing in the next few years?

STEFFEN: As seen with Accenture, Deloitte, IBM and many others, company after company will remove the annual performance review and move to continuous, real-time feedback. Impraise has proven its success with companies like Booking.com, Atlassian or IDEO. Impraise will be the essential tool to drive this change across the whole industry.

FAYE: That’s a strong statement, so can you give me an example of how a customer would use your service to drive the change in their business, and what kinds of benefits will they achieve?

STEFFEN: It stats with an assessment of current culture and performance management processes. We would then define the steps to achieve continuous, employee-driven feedback with a year. We have developed a unique 12 step method to make the change happen successfully across the whole company and would be happy to talk to companies about this.

FAYE: How does your solution help to keep every generation in the workforce involved?

STEFFEN: Impraise is highly customizable and runs on mobile and the web. This way there are no limitations to certain generations. Senior management and executives will save a lot of time with more insightful leadership assessments whereas ambitious, younger employees can take hold of their own career development.

FAYE: How does your technology platform work and how easy is it to integrate?

STEFFEN: Implementation and set-up can be done within a week as we integrate with Workday and other HRIS.


For more information on Steffan connect with him here

Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/in/stgmaier/en

Twitter: @stgmaier

Email: steffen@impraise.com


For more information on Impraise check out these links and resources

Website: www.impraise.com

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