Transforming Performance and Engagement through Feedback and Coaching

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Transforming Performance and Engagement through Feedback and Coaching
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This is the first part of our disruptHR series by Faye Holland, disruptHR lead blogger

Faye interviews Aisling Teillard, CEO and Joint-Founder of TandemHR to find out more TandemHR’s growth and how they are addressing a new era of performance management.

FAYE: Hi Aisling, why don’t you give the readers a quick introduction to TandemHR?

Aisling: We are a Dublin-based HR Technology company, founded by a group of HR and technology professionals with extensive experience in Performance Management, including PM system design and management training. We are focused on transforming the way performance is managed in organisations.

Tandem provides an objective measure of manager’s capability to provide the kind of regular, insightful feedback that accelerates performance and underpins engagement. Reflecting the new trends of continuous feedback and coaching, Tandem couples analytics with targeted coaching to upskill Line Managers capabilities to deliver meaningful feedback.

Tandem delivers dashboard visibility to HR of their most trusted and effective leaders, highlighting the talent who drive impactful results with their team and those that need further support.

Along with our technology we also provide training to help organisations adapt to these new approaches to managing people. With our training partners Global Growth Group, we can provide this implementation support across over 40 countries.

FAYE: We met earlier in the year at the London event in March so tell me what has been happening over the last six months and what would you like to achieve as a result of your participation in disruptHR this October?

Aisling: The last 6 months has been one of the most exciting periods of my career. HR Tech opened so many doors for us; we got 4 pilots with global brand name organisations who are really keen on taking Tandem to their wider organisations. We secured our first round of funding and joined NDRC, one of Europe’s top start up accelerator programmes. We hope to further our progress at the next disruptHR show in October by meeting more organisations who are happy to take a start-up solution that could transform their business. Broadly, we’d like to further raise awareness of Tandem to a wider audience.

FAYE: What makes your product unique?

Aisling: Tandem offers a solution that embraces the new era for performance management. We believe great performance is powered by coaching and trusted feedback. However, not every people manager can deliver on such a promise, and varying capabilities in coaching can lead to unpredictable results. Tandem is designed to develop managers to deliver the kind of insightful feedback that really drives performance.

Employees can rate manager’s feedback anonymously against specific criteria, giving unique insight into the capability of managers to grow and engage their people. This provides an unprecedented insight of the most effective and most trusted leaders. Tandem doesn’t just measure capability – it also provides powerful ongoing coaching to leaders and employees alike that helps to build capability, commitment and sustained performance.

With an engaging interface accessible through mobile and desktop, Tandem provides a holistic solution to transform performance management.

FAYE: Why should HR take an interest in your product or service?

Aisling: HR are already aware that Performance Management in its current format is not working. Many will identify with the latest research that a rich feedback culture with growth-centric coaching is the way forward. However, implementing such a model can be challenging, particularly with people managers who have conflicting demands of their time, and have geographically dispersed teams. Managers’ time, capability (and sometimes will) is often the weak link in creating the progressive culture that HR aspires to. Without extensive training and coaching, managers can fall short of HR’s aspiration to build a rich feedback culture that drives performance.

Tandem offers a real and pragmatic solution whereby people managers are encouraged to provide feedback on an ongoing basis, while being coached to improve effectiveness in their coaching skills. For the first time HR will be able to compare capabilities across teams and divisions and have access to objective reports that clearly identify managers who do provide insightful and trusted feedback, and those needing development.

Analysis of peer-to-peer feedback will also give deeper insight into the talent within and across the organisation, recognising those that connect beyond the boundaries of their own team, and have positive influence across the Organisation.

Taking a growth centric approach to managing performance will drive an engaging climate and a learning organisation. These attributes don’t come easily with existing performance management solutions. For progressive HR teams, Tandem offers a real alternative and a holistic solution to transforming the way performance is managed.

FAYE: What is your view on the buyer market – its ability to innovate, engage and contract for new technologies?

Aisling: HR is a naturally conservative buyer and for good reason. If you bring a solution into your organisation stakeholders have to buy into it in order to make a real difference. However, I’ve seen a marked shift in HR in the last 2-3 years, they are much more open to taking more innovative solutions and for pushing things forward. There seems to be a good healthy approach of ‘let’s give it a go’ and pushing things toward the business, rather than ‘asking’ if they’d like it. I think it’s great to see these changes in HR, it will drive real relevance and innovation at a much faster pace and help them transform their organisations and the way people manage in them. I believe it’s a great period to be in HR and we will see an increasing trend of technology transforming the way HR adds real value to the business.

FAYE: What future plans do you have for development i.e. analytics, gamification, automation

Aisling:  We would love to include sentiment analysis in our solution. So much feedback runs through our system, it would be great to give HR a taste of the sentiment running through that feedback.  Our analytics are well developed so while this isn’t an immediate priority we will always look to innovate further in this area.

FAYE: As a female technology leader what do you do (and think should be done) with regards to encouraging more women in technology

Aisling:  Technology has changed the world and has the opportunity to change the way we do business and manage each other in that world. It would be a shame if women weren’t at the forefront of that, as they have been with so many other societal changes. I’m very fortunate to be on a programme of female founders, who are all innovating in technology and it’s a really inspiring experience to be surrounded by so many talented ladies who are changing their industries. We have set up a networking group and even introduced Tandem as the means in which we share priorities and feedback with each other. They’ve embraced Tandem and made it part of the way we learn and share and celebrate our successes together. I think it’s a great time for women to take a leading position in new technology and am actively sharing my experiences with others to encourage that.

Quick Reference

Company size: 5

Based: Dublin, with another office in London

Key customers: We currently have 4 customers in pilot across different industries plus 3 more in

Target industries: Our approach is to focus on organisations rather than specific industries, as early success indicates this product can comfortably sit across sectors.  We are seeking to work with large scale organisations that are open to change, and a workforce comfortable with the use of technology. We are also prioritising those organisations that have a multi- generational workforce incorporating millennials.

What function within HR is your produce designed for: This product is built for anyone working in the Performance Management space, (Centres of Excellence/HR Business Partners/HRD’s). Alternatively anyone who is working on organisational behavior, competencies or indeed culture should also have a real interest in this product. In addition, Tandem is built for those who are keen to digitalize the HR experience, in a way that reflects wider societal trends.

About Aisling

Aisling is a former HR Director of both O2 Telefonica and SAP.  In addition to her responsibilities as HR Director, Aisling has established a number of new organizations within these environments, including the first European-wide Organisation in Telefonica, a HR Shared Service Centre. She then expanded this organisation to take on digital HR for Europe and global analytics for the wider Telefonica organisation.  Aisling then moved to the world of consultancy where she specialised in Performance Management solutions for a variety of multinational organisations. Having completed her primary degree in HR, Aisling then completed a research Masters in Performance Management.

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