#disruptHR Part 6: How to treat candidates like customers with Beamery

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For our sixth part in our #disruptHR series, our disruptHR lead blogger Faye Holland interviews Abakar Saidov, the CEO of Beamery.

Faye Holland, disruptHR lead blogger, interviews Abakar Saidov, CEO of Beamery, to find out more about their impressive approach to approaching recruiting like customer acquisition.

FAYE: Hi Abakar, why don’t you give me the quick elevator pitch on Beamery?

ABAKAR: Beamery has built Recruitment CRM software that enables companies to approach recruiting like customer acquisition – from outbound prospecting and pipeline building, to targeted nurture and engagement. This gives companies a huge competitive advantage, providing a complete talent intelligence hub and helping companies build relationships with candidates that are not applying.

To fill their hiring funnel, companies can use sourcing automation software to prospect and engage candidates on social networks, or launch recruitment events and create branded landing pages to build their employer brand and attract and convert passive candidates that wouldn’t apply.

Beamery uses large-scale data-mining to automate relationship tracking for recruiters. The CRM system ingests relevant information from hundreds of sources including email, social, and other recruiting tools to create a complete 360 degree view of each candidate relationship and provides every data point that companies need to make smarter hiring decisions.

FAYE: Why did you decide to take part in disruptHR this year and what would you like to achieve as a result of your participation?

ABAKAR: We’re participating in disruptHR this year because we believe we’ve built a platform that can change the way that companies approach talent acquisition. Our Recruitment CRM is powered by machine intelligence, helps companies make smarter hiring decisions and empowers them to engage top talent more effectively. We’re looking to meet other companies, analysts and investors that share our vision and make some great connections.

FAYE: Not for a lack of trying, the recruitment market hasn’t significantly evolved for years so what is your view on the buyer market – its ability to innovate, engage and contract for new technologies to disrupt old models of recruitment?

ABAKAR: We’re starting to see a real shift in the buyer market. Organisations of all shapes and sizes want to become more proactive about the way they approach hiring, there’s an increasing desire to build and engage pipelines of talent before the application. It’s a really exciting development that we’re trying to facilitate with our Recruitment CRM software.

FAYE: What makes your product unique?

ABAKAR:  Beamery gives companies the ability to create an entirely proactive talent acquisition function and nurture and engage candidates before the application. Building a pre-application pipeline of candidates significantly reduces time to hire and allows Heads of Talent to more accurately forecast headcount requirements and allocate resources more effectively.

FAYE: How do you differentiate yourself in the market?

ABAKAR: We have 2 key differentiators. The first is the power of our proprietary algorithms that give recruiters unique insights into candidate relationships and help them prioritise. The second is our focus on engagement. We see the ability to communicate with talent as the most important part of the recruiting process, and our software gives companies the ability to nurture relationships with an unprecedented level of sophistication.

FAYE: Why should HR take an interest in your product or service?  

ABAKAR: Beamery gives HR departments’ complete clarity into every touchpoint in the candidate lifecycle. A candidate’s relationship with your company begins well before the application, and Beamery helps companies understand how they can effectively engage target talent, build their brand and proactively build a pipeline of candidates for open and future roles.

FAYE: What are your plans for expansion?

ABAKAR: We’re targeting the US for expansion during Q4 of this year, and building out our team across the pond (our headquarters are in London). We’re also looking to grow our sales team extensively to help us scale.

Quick Reference

Company size: 20

Based: 2 offices – London and New York

Key customers: Facebook, VMware, House of Fraser, Bounce Exchange, Criteo, Tobii

Target industries: Technology, Retail

What function within HR is your product designed for: Beamery is specifically designed for talent acquisition teams that want to move away from a reactive, “just in time” hiring process and towards a proactive process where they are able to interact with candidates and nurture relationships before the application.

About Abakar

Abakar is the co-founder and CEO at Beamery. He’s always been driven to help people find their dream jobs and founding Beamery was an extension of that passion. In a former life he was training to be a fighter pilot and a mandarin interpreter, but that’s a different story…

For more information

Website: www.beamery.com

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yvz6KN8G9RA&feature=youtu.be

Email: abakar@beamery.com

Twitter: @beameryhq

Facebook: www.facebook.com/beameryhq

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/beamery

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOgbTsUJ1Krc3TIYzPJXqWA



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