Taking on the Payroll Big Boys and Girls

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This time Faye is asking Philippe Cohen, CEO and founder of Globe Payroll to find out more about how they are offering cloud payroll solution

FAYE: Hi Philippe, why don’t you give me the quick elevator pitch on Globe Payroll?

Philippe: GlobePayroll is the 1st native global SaaS payroll solution to support companies in their expansion. We want to become the preferred HR provider to support mid-size to major companies. Our goal is to deliver and support at least 100,000 payrolls monthly in 2018, from at least 25 different clients.

FAYE: Why should HR take an interest in your solution?

Philippe: More than half of companies plan to expand their business in new global markets. Doing so, they are facing considerable HR challenges to meet both compliance and agility requirements. HR departments are on the frontline in those expansion operations, as recruiting employees and rewarding them are the first steps of the lifecycle in a new market, before even starting doing business.

Global SaaS Core HR solutions (Workday, SuccessFactors, Talentsoft, etc.) enable companies to implement and standardize HR processes across countries. However, payroll has been left out of the process so far.

Providing them with an accelerator like GlobePayroll is a key service, in order to make full use of HR areas’ potential as a business partner in their globalization strategy.

FAYE: What is your pricing model?

Philippe: As a SaaS solution, our pricing model depends on the following factors: number of employees paid monthly (payslip), geographical scope and functional scope (interfaced model with a Core HR solution or standalone solution, including Core HR). We propose two levels of service: “Rookie” as a basic solution, ensuring compliance, versioning and 24/7 availability; “Master” which offers an outstanding service including dedicated support, analysis and master class to optimize your payroll accuracy and efficiency.

Whatever the scope, GlobePayroll’s cutting-edge technology, and the way it has been designed, will position the solution as the most competitive on the market. And with one single provider and one single contract, ensuring versatility for clients.

FAYE: What insights will your solution give compared to others in the market today?

Philippe: By providing one platform that centralizes all the payroll information across the organization’s global footprint, our solution takes global reporting to a new level: one platform and one secure data repository, meeting all compliance requirements. GlobePayroll’s data consolidation allows for global oversight capabilities, enabling payroll agents and managers to finally get insights into the wage bill, and take action. Likewise, payroll agents will be able to gain efficiency, and visibility into their work, without wasting time fixing discrepancies or looking for what went wrong in their last payroll calculation.

FAYE: As a new entrant to the market how do you plan to compete with the other, and often bigger players?

Philippe: New SaaS technologies allow us to do what has been impossible for years. Our payroll engine has been designed from scratch to allow for a natively global payroll solution: with simple configuration – one line of code –, you can now manage your employees’ payrolls across your organization’s global footprint. Thanks to a multi-layer system, our payroll has reached a new level of performance, cost-effectiveness, and scalability. As to the other global payroll providers, they are currently offering heavy on-premise solutions, with long implementation times that do not have GlobePayroll’s agility: we are able to configure a country’s regulations in a few weeks, while minimizing the total cost of ownership. For instance, that will allow mid-size companies to have a single payroll solution, when it was a privilege only big firms with high investment capacities could afford.

Quick Reference

Company size: 10

Based: Paris, France

Key customers: We already have active clients on the consulting side of our business including Engie, Crédit Agricole SA, Sanofi, NEOMA Business School, Marie Brizard Wines & Spirits

Target industries: GlobePayroll is a cross-industry solution. The power of configuration gives us the capability to support any collective agreement or ‘industry’ specifics.

What function within HR is your produce designed for: Our solution is designed for the HR Administration & Payroll function.

About Philippe

Philippe Cohen holds a PhD from the University Paris VI. He has worked almost 20 years at Accenture, world leader in systems integration, where he was in charge of driving major transformation programs for global organizations, in several industries and in public services. During the last 5 years, he has been in charge of developing HR “emerging solution”, as a SaaS pioneer in the market. He led as a program director some of the biggest implementation projects for global companies. Founder of GlobePayroll, he is a trusted observer and contributor to HR & IT trends and disruptions.

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