Catching up with Tandem HR Solutions, winner of disruptHR

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At this year’s HR Tech World Congress held in Paris, Tandem HR Solutions from Dublin, Ireland beat over 20 other start-ups to be shortlisted as one of the final 5 and then be declared the winner of disruptHR.


HR Tech World’s disruptHR competition is a special place for start-ups in the HR tech industry to show their capabilities at an event where the greatest HR minds come together.  For the competitors, it can be a game changer. The winner, judged by some of the world’s top HR thinkers and doers, gains considerable media and marketplace exposure including attention from investors and prospective customers. They also receive a substantial sponsorship package for future HR Tech World shows.



Since winning the competition, which was moderated by Jerome Ternynck and MC’d by Faye Holland, Tandem has received an outpouring of interest, in terms of customers, funders, and media. So much so, the Tandem team is now recruiting to meet the new demand generated after Paris!


Speaking to the Irish Times, Aisling Teillard, CEO of Tandem, summarized the company’s innovative approach saying, “Tandem can transform the way organisations manage personal growth by delivering personalised coaching dashboards to employees and managers alike. Tandem is also the only feedback product that integrates easily with other ERP [entreprise resource planning] systems and, as such, can be scaled to meet the demands of large enterprises.”


I wanted to know more about the changes that winning disruptHR had on Tandem and to congratulate them on a much-deserved win, so I spoke with Aisling about what Tandem has been up to post-HR Tech World and post-win.


“It was a huge victory for us,” said Aisling. “We knew it came with such prestige and credibility. It has been a massive breakthrough [for us].


Speaking of participating in the competition, Aisling recounted, “disruptHR was an amazing area at HR Tech World. It’s full of excitement…[Being part of disruptHR] provides great networks, and winning really opened doors to those networks.”


disruptHR is dedicatHR Tech Paris 2016 - Day 1ed to only the newest kids on the HR tech block, and as well as providing a competition that can generate attention for these companies, the camaraderie within the disruptHR group at the show is also an important aspect of the competition. Aisling told me that the finalists were friendly to one another and were open to sharing their own experiences and advice with one another. “It was just so inspiring.”


I was interested in what advice she would tell new start-ups, even those planning to apply to the next disruptHR competition at HR Tech World London. Aisling’s response emphasized the need to find your company’s niche in a populated scene.


“HR is becoming a crowded space, so to stand out you need to have a lot of passion to do it. When you’re in start-up mode you have a million priorities, and when you’re in that mode you could spend significant amounts of time on any of those priorities. We were really focused on one thing, and HR Tech World validated us for focusing on that one thing.”


She continued, “HR is ripe for innovation. If you’ve got a great idea, it’s just about figuring out where that idea fits into [the industry]. An important thing is to think about who in HR you’re targeting. Is it the talent manager? The technology manager? You have to be really, really clear about that. You have to be quite targeted.”


To keep up with all things Tandem, make sure you follow them on Twitter @tandemhrsol and like them on Facebook. You can also check out a profile of Tandem on our blog here, and an interview conducted with Aisling below.



The team here at HRN and HR Tech World sends massive congratulations and best wishes to all at Tandem and a successful 2017! We look forward to seeing them again at HR Tech World shows!


We also have a special announcement for our next disruptHR competition for HR Tech World London 2017! We have redesigned the competition to up the stakes with only the top 10 disrupters presenting onsite. A panel of expert judges will select a top 5 out of the start-ups that have applied to compete in the on-site competition; each will have proven they have what it takes to disrupt the status quo of the HR tech industry. One contestant will be selected as the winner of disruptHR, receiving a £15k sponsorship package for a future HR Tech World show. More than just the top 5, the judges will also nominate a further 5 runners-up to give an 8-minute show & tell followed by a 2-minute Q&A.


HR Tech World London is currently taking applications for the disruptHR competition. You can request an application form for your company by emailing Show what your start-up’s made of and apply before 20 February 2017!

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