Candidate.ID: Leveraging digital marketing to reach your best candidates

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This is the 2nd part of our series on the HR Tech World Startup Competition powered by Cornerstone. Faye Holland, our MC for the startup expo, writes about the 5 finalists (and 10 runners-up) who will compete for a sponsorship package during HR Tech World Amsterdam. Purchase your tickets to the show here.

Candidate.ID is ‘the world’s first talent pipeline software, used by world-leading employers to develop pipelines of engaged candidates for today’s and tomorrow’s hiring needs’, and is one of the HR Tech World Startup Competition runners-up in Autumn 2017. (Check out the top 5 startups here.)

Candidate.ID started with an appreciation of how exhausting it is to have to start from scratch each time you recruit for a new position. To tackle this, Candidate.ID lets you build and nurture talent pools ready for the next vacancy. But how does it do this? The team developed their unique ID.Score which accurately measures a candidate’s desire to work for an organisation in real time, helping recruiters improve the quality of their shortlists.

Having been in the market for 13 months, Candidate.ID co-founder Adam tells me they’ve built up a good client list but they’re ready to take the business further. He believes the startup competition at HR Tech World is the most important, globally, in terms of credibility and acknowledgement. So where better to be than HR Tech World!

But to make the most of Candidate.ID there also need to be a shift in the mindset of recruitment teams. Adam tells me HR teams need to understand how digital marketing helps with talent attraction and, more specifically, about a technique called marketing automation. While some organisations already have these skills within their marketing teams and are transferring them into HR, others will need more support to make such a shift in mindset. Candidate.ID does this with their world-class customer success team, fortnightly #TalentTalk webinars and the talent pipeline-focused community

With the GDPR looming, Candidate.ID has been working closely with one of Europe’s leading consultants to ensure they can help employers as much as possible. It’s positioned to help employers build relationships with the candidates within their recruitment databases. As their software is designed to nurture prospective candidates, Adam tells me Candidate.ID understands which channels, content, formats and even days of the week candidates prefer contact. This fosters goodwill between employers and potential candidates, making them more likely to continue to opt in and recommend Candidate.ID to their friends.

Adam and the team have big plans ahead. Candidate.ID is looking to treble their workforce next year and, in an effort to further build client numbers in the coming years, they’re assembling an Asia Pacific advisory board and the Candidate.ID CEO is moving to New York city next year. While being unlikely to grow into traditional areas of applicant tracking or CRM, Adam tells me they will be adding further machine learning and moving into artificial intelligence because that goes hand in hand with the development of talent pipelines.

Candidate.ID boasts being able to generate far superior insights into potential candidates before they apply for opportunities. With so much information online, candidates research potential employers in great detail and Candidate.ID can track them as they browse careers sites, landing pages, social media, Glassdoor and more, to show employers which candidates are cold, warming and ‘hire-ready’. The benefit to candidates is that, because the Candidate.ID technology understands each user’s preferences, it uses those insights to ensure optimum, personalised candidate experiences before they apply for a position.

Quick Reference

Company size: N/A
Based: Glasgow, Scotland
Key customers: Cielo Talent, Mondelez, Dialog Semiconductor, Specsavers, QuintilesIMS, Thermo Fisher Scientific
Target industries: Talent acquisition within all sectors except government
What function within HR is your product designed for: Building talent pipelines

About Adam

Adam Gordon is a talent pipeline expert. He is co-founder of Candidate.ID and founder of a talent branding and talent pooling company. Adam was marketing director for a recruitment agency, in recruitment communications with HAVAS and a HR consultant at PwC.

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