Actiview Simulates Workplace Situations to Revolutionize Recruitment

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It started out as an enthusiastic conversation among five forward-thinking young men who met during their service in an intelligence unit of the Israeli army. But Tal Koelewyn, Matanel Libi, Gil Asher, Etan Hayik and Roi Ravitz quickly discovered that their shared passion for the digital world — and for finding new ways to communicate within it — wasn’t just a passing interest. By 2016 the team had co-founded Actiview, an HR tech startup that now has 50 employees. Based in Lod, Israel, with a second office in London, Actiview has raised $6.5 million in a Series A financing round.

We spoke with Koelewyn, the company’s chief operating officer, about Actiview’s mission, future plans and the concept behind Assense, the startup’s mixed reality assessment platform that is aiming to revolutionize the recruitment process.

How long have you been working on Assense?

Assense has taken several stages of development during the past two years, from a concept in the research phase to the best practical solution for talent recruitment. During the development phase we discovered new ways to interpret behavior using data that was not previously accessible.

How will Assense help companies in the hiring process?

As humans, we are great at interpreting the behavior of the person in front of us but we lack the ability to make accurate predictions based on our interpretation. Moreover, the human mind has been proven to suffer from a variety of cognitive biases which impact our decisions. At Actiview we are aiming to provide a data-driven process which helps to select candidates methodically. Assense is based on validated empirical studies which take into account years of research in the fields of neuroscience and psychology.

What impact do you want your business to have on the future of work?

We believe that when the suitable candidate for a specific position is chosen, his or her ability to function professionally and personally increases. Our goal is to maximize the match between the candidate and the right position in the organization, preventing employee frustration and economic loss on the side of the employer.

Which kinds of companies and industries will benefit most from Assense?

Practically everyone can benefit from Assense. The main challenge Assense addresses is discovering the soft skills of the candidate, rather than focusing mainly on the technical professional skills. The most obvious goal of our product is to bring the most suitable person for a specific position, and as a result we can increase accuracy in a wide spectrum of organizations.

What do you want to accomplish over the next few years?

Our main goal is to present new data-driven methods for candidate recruitment and establish the recruitment process that we offer for large organizations in Europe, Israel and the United States. In the short term we plan to address the specific needs of each company in order to learn what use cases Assense can contribute to the most. In the long term, the more data we collect will allow us to increase the accuracy of the system and reach a more precise segmentation of positions in a company.

Actiview was a finalist for the UNLEASH Startup Award in London this year. Learn more about the UNLEASH Startup Ecosystem and meet other members of our community who are rethinking the way we work.


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