#disruptHRtech Part I: Wellevue: Company culture – there’s an app for that!

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Faye Holland, HR Tech World and #disruptHRtech blogger interviews Michael Daun , CEO and Founder of Wellevue, a company culture shaping app.

FAYE: Congratulations on being a finalist at last year’s event. What was the biggest thing you learnt from the experience?

MICHAEL: Thank you. It was a great thing. Great finalists. Impressive judging panel. The spotlight on new companies made more companies interested, and our award seems to boost the confidence of companies looking for something new and innovative.

FAYE: Who is Wellevue and what do you do?

MICHAEL: Wellevue is an award-winning app that shapes company culture and engages employees.

Wellevue provides a scalable, day-to-day and fun way to turn values, business objectives and desired behaviours into action. Essentially, Wellevue uses mini-missions, images, and social contagion in a voluntary and social setting, to make organisations and people proudly achieve their desired behaviour. It makes a company walk the talk. Customised to each company’s objectives, it can strengthen company culture, improve employee engagement, and create a great workplace with a more including employee experience.

FAYE: Give me an example of how a customer would use your service and what kinds of benefits will they achieve?

MICHAEL: Let’s say a company has developed the idea of what kind company they want to be. They have developed or refined their core values or other principles. But they see a gap between the intention of their values or principles and how they are actually lived out in the organisation on a daily basis.

Wellevue provides a much Fayeuicker way to make things happen, than traditional implementation through workshops and train the trainer. Because it is so simple to set up and manage, it allows a company to act immediately on their culture – even in experimental ways – rather than to stick with year long programs. Furthermore, it is just a very fun and engaging way of generating a real and positive perception of the organisation.

FAYE: Your product is very attractive to the younger generations – how do you make sure it is relevant and used across all generations in the workplace?

MICHAEL: Our product does work well for younger generations, but it doesn’t exclude others. The app seems to work well for all age groups and functions. It is image-based rather than only text based, which lowers the threshold for participation.

FAYE: When we last spoke you talked about how companies are keen to turn desired behaviours into action, and you are trying to make that happen through social contagion in networks, can you tell me a little bit more about this and how Wellevue can help?

MICHAEL: We tend to adopt behaviours of people around us. Being surrounded by happy people increases the likelihood of us being happy. Wellevue as an app is orchestrating such contexts or social norms, by having people do mini-missions related to the desired behaviours, and sharing and showing these actions within the organisation. It is using game mechanics for motivation, but the biggest incentive is the individual drive to participate, to be a part and to see what others do.

FAYE: How do you differentiate yourself in the market?

MICHAEL: Differentiation is not really our problem right now, as we are Fayeuite uniFayeue on the market in offering a digital implementation tool for culture and engagement. We are instead busy with explaining to the market that, now that they have installed awesome new tools and technologies that allow them to measure their employee engagement, there is also digital and scalable tools to allow them to become even better.

FAYE: What future plans do you have for development i.e. analytics, gamification, automation

MICHAEL: We are planning to unveil a major update to our backend tools at HR Tech in London. It will make it much easier for companies to manage custom content and campaigns over time. Later we will see more integrations between our tool and other HR platforms. And then.. more cool stuff that we will talk about when they are ready to be released.

FAYE: By your own admission you are a serial entrepreneur, so what’s your idea of innovation and what makes a disruptive technology?

MICHAEL: I think these questions have received many well-formulated answers before. But I guess a personal view on innovation is the struggle, the freedom and the reward. It is the relentless challenge, the space for imagination and the reward of turning ideas into value. It becomes disruptive when the new is so much better it makes the current look like yesterday.

For more information on Wellevue check out these links and resources

Website:     www.wellevue.com


About Faye Holland

Faye works with a range of technology firms as an external consultant providing strategic, implementation and communications expertise. She has a strong HR network around the globe from advisors, analysts, providers and enterprise customers, and stays ahead of all the latest developments through activities such as involvement in the blog squad for HR Tech.





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