Suchi Pathak

Suchi Pathak

Co-Founder & Chief Psychologist


Suchi has been a leader in the assessment and consulting industries for over 10 years. She was the Head of Psychology for a global assessment provider and ran consulting, research and development initiatives for 60 countries, working within the commercial, military, education and sports sectors. She is passionate about turning traditional approaches on their head and leveraging AI and machine learning to ensure organizations select, develop and promote people with high predictability and no bias.

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day 1

14:50 - 15:20

Expo Floor

PANEL | Machine vs Humans: when it’s Good, when it’s Bad, when it’s Ugly

Suchi Pathak Co-Founder & Chief Psychologist Aptology
Adrian Holt Innovation Specialist & former Innovation Strategist Ministry of Defence
David Stillwell Lecturer in Big Data Analytics and Quantitative Social Science the University of Cambdrige
Denis English Head of Capabilities and Performance Version 1
Machine Learning is a hot topic in all fields, but its use is being debated in the realm of people's decision making. When should humans make a decision about humans? Can a machine make a decision about humans, and when should it? What is the difference between Artificial Intelligence and Assisted Intelligence, and what are the benefits and detriments of both in the world of people at work? This panel of esteemed experts in Psychology, Machine Learning, and HR will discuss when Machine Learning can outperform human decision making, and the opportunities, dangers and the ethical issues that can surface when it is taken too far.

day 2

12:20 - 12:35

Expo Floor

Startup Competition | Beyond words: Redefining How we Look at People at Work

Suchi Pathak Co-Founder & Chief Psychologist Aptology
What would work look like if each person was in the right role? Companies have long struggled with this - be it sifting through resumes, endless rounds of interviews, or long performance management processes. 40 billion are spent on this yearly, and yet in sales alone, on average, less than 50% of salespeople meet quota. So, what if you took a people lens into performance? Here's what we found. In one company, people whose behaviors were in the "ideal zone" for the role and the stage of the company generated 2.7 X more revenue than others. That's why the likes of Nestle and Oracle are deploying Aptology. And now, so can you.

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