Laura Degiovanni

Laura Degiovanni

Founder and CEO


Founder and CEO of TiiQu – a startup using transparency and immutability of blockchain to certify and verify claims. The “Trust Quotient” is a score derived from verified claims, designed to facilitate instant trust in hiring, objective decision-making and meritocracy.

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day 1

12:15 - 12:40

Expo Hall

PANEL | Demystifying Blockchain for HR

Laura Degiovanni Founder and CEO TiiQu
Andrew Spence HR Transformation Director Glass Bead Consulting
Gaurang Torvekar Co-Founder & CEO Indorse
Luke Shipley Co-Founder Zinc
Sarah Louise Johnson Community Builder, Photographer and Technology Evangelist Etch

Attend to learn about Blockchain, how it will impact your business and the potential applications in HR and work. This panel of early users and architects will help you round out your comprehension of the practical realities of blockchain for HR. Introduced by a 15 minute introductory crash course by expert and moderator Andrew Spence.

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