UNLEASH 2019 – the 4th Industrial Revolution

Bridging the Strategic Gap and Transatlantic Digital Divide between the European Union, North American and leadership teams from over 120 countries worldwide.

The idea was simple in 2011. If we live a world of chains, spend more time at work than with our families, how do we UNLEASH people from the shackles of the day to day for a better life? Work organises and provides meaning to the use of time in society which has programmed its rhythms as a function of work, to break those chains we are building a global community built on human inspiration and technological innovation that helps optimise, enable and UNLEASH your people.


From humble start-up beginnings, UNLEASH has helped shape, shake-up and disrupt the HR industry globally with the #1 events in the world on the Future of Work and HR Technology. In 2019, over 10,000 attendees across three locations will include the World’s big brands, government, NGO’s, startups and the decision makers, visionaries, disruptors and doers changing the way we work and get work done. And we pride ourselves on evolving the show year on year and have bundles of FUN making it happen!