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The true impact of interview scheduling on hiring

Interview scheduling matters more than you think.


Graphic of a woman and man scheduling an interview
Image by Cronofy

Unleash Your Hiring Exclusive insight and data on what candidates expect and want from the hiring process and how first-class interview scheduling is worth more than the sum of its parts.

We are excited to share this EXCLUSIVE report from our partners at Cronofy, who have surveyed thousands of candidates, to better understand the impact of interview scheduling on candidate experience and employer perception.

The results from this in-depth survey provide recruiters and talent acquisition professionals real, tangible insights into what candidates expect and want in the hiring process.


  • The true cost of inefficiency in the hiring process
  • How to protect your employer brand
  • How costly scheduling delays really are
  • What opportunity there is for bettering your organization’s success with automation around interview scheduling
  • Key analysis and insights from industry greats

The insights delivered in this report provide easy, actionable ways for HR professionals to improve their processes to keep top talent in their funnels, ensuring the business can grow and perceptions of the organization’s brand are not thwarted.

With additional insights from Recruiting Brainfood‘s Hung Lee; the renowned leader on People Engagement & Business Performance, David Smith; Workology‘s Jessica Miller-Merrell; HR Adviser, Bill Boorman; online people platform Charlie‘s Ben Gateley, alongside the survey data that is presented, this report is a must-read.

After reading this report, if you want to find out more about interview scheduling, then please register for our upcoming webinar:

Front cover of Cronofy's "The true impact of interview scheduling on hiring" report.

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