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9 Skills You Need to Thrive in an Age That Demands Resiliency

The business case for dynamic skills


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Unleash Your Continuous Learning Approach A dynamic skills approach and culture of continuous learning are vital for surviving and thriving in a post-pandemic world that requires new levels of agility and resilience.

The Business Case for dynamic skills:

Understand the skills you need to survive and thrive in an age that demands resiliency

The matters of where we work, when we work, how we work, what we work on, and even why we work, continue to face massive changes. As a result, organizations and their managers face the following 5 challenges:

  1. New hybrid and return-to-work environments
  2. Accelerating demands from digital transformation
  3. Greater automation in the workplace
  4. Global competition for specialized talent
  5. Faster cycles of reskilling and retraining

These challenges that create an environment of continued industry disruption, the need for business agility, rising costs of labor, changing employee expectations, and skilled labor shortages are driving organizations to rethink their strategies for both learning and development.

Consequently, employers seek employees with skills that enable digital proficiency.

Constellation Research has identified 9 skills that provide specific learned abilities required to perform a job.

Conversations they’ve had with leading CPOs and HR leaders highlight the need to adopt a continuous learning approach as part of their HCM strategy. In many cases, automation and artificial intelligence will provide the tools required to accelerate efforts.

Download this report today to discover the skills that are paramount for every employer and employee to develop in order to survive and thrive, as well as how organizations can develop a dynamic approach to skills and competency development in order to succeed.

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