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LinkedIn: Hiring spree spurs growth in demand for recruiters

The job market is booming at the moment.

Allie Nawrat

Credit: RyanV via Twenty20.

Unleash Your PotentialRecruiters help companies attract and hire the right talent at the right time.

The ‘Great Resignation’ is upon us.

Individuals are no longer willing to stay in jobs where their wellbeing and career development are not prioritized.

In light of this volatility in the job market, professional social network LinkedIn found that there is therefore a boom in demand for recruiters, particularly in the UK and across Europe.

The research found that in June 2021, there were nine times more recruiter jobs posted in the UK than in June 2020. The figure in June this year is also twice as many as the 2019 average.

LinkedIn found that unsurprisingly the demand for recruiters fell between February and April 2020 because of the COVID-19 pandemic, but it surpassed pre-pandemic levels in January 2021 in the UK.

Whereas in Italy and Spain, there are eight times more recruiter jobs being advertised compared to last year.

LinkedIn’s study found that people working in sales, HR and business development were those most likely to transition into recruiter roles. They are attracted to the profession and roles that offer job security, good pay and work life balance, as well as a good company mission and culture.

Job security has grown 21% as a priority for candidates, with company mission growing by 19%.

Talking about the findings, Adam Hawkins, LinkedIn head of search and staffing EMEA, said: “Recruiters play a pivotal role in getting people into jobs and keeping the economy moving.

“It’s positive to see that demand for recruiter roles is growing – a trend that we’re seeing around the world – and that demand has now surpassed pre-pandemic levels in the UK.

“After a particularly tough year, it’s perhaps unsurprising that job security is high on the priority list when recruiters consider new roles.

“With growing demand for recruiters in the market, there will be lots of opportunities for career growth, skills development and progression.”

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