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Product Spotlight

Visualizing your HR data, with Ingentis org.manager

Modelling the workforce of tomorrow to make informed decisions for the future.

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Unleash Your Strategic Planning This HR tool might be the most valuable for you and your organization, so listen up! 

What do you think is the quickest way for the decision-makers in your organization to understand your HR data, however complex or extensive it may be? How do you easily identify what is important and what is not? 

The visualization of HR data is the answer. 

UNLEASH Product Spotlights look at products across the HR technology spectrum and are based on research and member input. Today, we look at Ingentis org.manager, which is a solution that allows HR leaders to make informed decisions based on up-to-date org charts, visualized HR data and HR analytics. 

Releasing the HR data that’s been under your nose

When you opened this article today to uncover the revolutionary HR tech secret sauce that will turn your organization into a strategic, HR data-rich success, we bet you didn’t think we’d be talking about the org chart? But stay with us. 

As Bruce Eckfeldt discusses, organizational charts have the reputation of being pinned to the breakroom wall and forgotten about, or inserted in the New Starter pack, created way back sometime in 2015. “Many of these charts are out of date,” says Bruce, “There might be names that have changed or reporting lines that are no longer relevant. There could even be entire departments that have been removed or added.” 

You see, the problem with these types of org charts, “is that they are trying to capture the wrong information and are not being used correctly.” 

Ingentis org.manager can provide relief here. The solution offers standard interfaces to leading HR systems such as SAP HCM, SAP SuccessFactors, Oracle HCM solutions, or Workday. Data updates made in there are automatically available in the org chart. Real-time access to employee structures, if you like. Outdated org charts are now a thing of the past.

We’d like to put it to you, that it’s high time the org chart is given the attention from HR and the organization’s leadership that it deserves. 

4 Benefits INGentis org.manager Can Offer to realize the value in your hr data

1. Define Reporting Structures, Roles and Responsibilities & Achieve Effective Resource Planning

HR-related data such as occupation ratios, the scope of management, and staff costs are important variables in human resources and organizational management. Especially during reorganizations and mergers, it is important to keep track of the key performance indicators and how they are impacted.

Furthermore, in our new world of work, it isn’t just enough to present a representation of your workforce through a job title. It will be paramount for successful workforce planning for skills and competencies to be understood and measured.

Specific rules in Ingentis org.manager allow HR leaders to determine how each organization unit, each position, or each employee is displayed based on arbitrary data.

With the solution, you are able to draw from the above-named HR systems and gather information from other divisions such as Finance, Marketing, or Production, for example, to use this data for strategic decision-making. The integrated diagram function allows you to show performance figures, including occupancy rate, budget compliance, and many other factors, within your organizational chart in a graphically prepared format. There is a wide range of diagrams (e.g. bar chart/pie chart/sunburst/network) to choose from.

2. Diversity and Inclusion Reporting Made Easy

We know from recent studies, companies that promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace are more successful. Ingentis org.manager can help organizations measure and monitor their diversity, including the ability to identify those departments that are top performers as well as those that are lagging behind.

Therefore, the tool combines critical diversity measures – such as ethnicity, age, gender, persons with disabilities, and veteran status – and provides an overall index score for each department. Org charts and dashboard views are created automatically, without any manual steps required – which facilitates the reporting process.

Once companies have snapshots of how their workplace reflects a diverse culture, they can properly monitor how they are performing and evaluate if they are seeing positive trends being driven by staffing decisions such as internal placement, promotions, and talent recruitment.

3. Build and Experiment for Restructuring Efficiency and Workforce Planning

When undergoing a reorganization or merger, as early as the ideation stage, it is important to assess the impact of various scenarios on performance indicators.

Be it the reorganization of existing employees, positions, or org units, or a business extension based on an M&A – the org.simulator module of Ingentis org.manager helps you plan organizational transformation and model future hierarchies directly in your org chart. Thanks to drag and drop, this is a really easy and painless way to plan and experiment for your future business.

After the organizational structure is changed or values such as the personnel costs for a position are adapted, all performance figures are calculated based on the new data at the push of a button.

Employees can be permitted to retrieve or start simulations in the org.simulator. In addition, scenarios can be shared with colleagues and executives to work together on a simulation.

4. Visualize information in an easy to comprehend way

The visualization of real-time data can support an organization in keeping up-to-date and constantly ready to adapt. “An org chart obviously helps you design new organizational structures. The more information you are able to visualize in an easy to comprehend way, the more this visualization will support you during your design process,” said Michael Grimm, one of the Ingentis founders, in a recent UNLEASH interview.

For example, this screenshot from Ingentis org.manager is highlighting European countries in which compensation is higher than the average compensation within their continent.

Ingentis org.manager offers flexible display options for your org chart to be available for different target user groups, end devices, browsers, and system versions. You’re able to customize the design and content of your org chart, for example, adjust the color of your organogram to your corporate design or add detailed information per object.

Ingentis org.manager delivers data-rich, up-to-date org charts that allow companies to make informed business decisions.


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