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The Next Generation of Performance Management with Our Tandem

Inspiring employee experience through human-centric performance management.

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Unleash Your Performance Management With the shift into a new people-focused era of performance management, Our Tandem offers a platform designed to adapt to new ways of working.

  • Employee expectations have shifted – a more human-centric performance management strategy can be adopted to engage, develop, and inspire employees as individuals.
  • With Continuous Performance Management being proven to boost performance as much as 27% and increase intent to stay by 25%, it’s a solution that HR leaders shouldn’t ignore.
  • Our Tandem provides a platform that can meet these changing employee expectations and delivers a human-centric performance coaching experience, designed for enterprise.

UNLEASH Product Spotlights look at products across the HR technology spectrum and are based on research and member input. Today we look at Our Tandem’s Continuous Performance Management platform. Through crowdsourced real-time continuous feedback being at the heart of the platform, regular check-ins, and agile goal setting, Our Tandem accelerates the capability of managers to coach and employees to thrive. With pulse surveys, structured 360 feedback, and insightful analytics, they can measure and radically enhance the entire employee experience at every touchpoint.


Every organization strives to maximize employee growth and potential, yet most find their existing performance management approach lacking. With continuous coaching and feedback being proven to boost employees’ performance by as much as 27%, increase their intent to stay by 25% or more, and increase their effort on the job by 18% – it is imperative to put a focus on the topic.

Employees expect more; they crave a thoroughly human performance management approach that engages, develops, and inspires them as individuals. This is really lacking, as highlighted by recent publications, showing that 40% of respondents said their managers hadn’t checked in with them to see how they were doing during the first six months of the pandemic.

Historically, traditional performance management was designed primarily to assess performance, hence the obsessive focus on ratings, appraisals, and assessment. In contrast, the purpose of continuous performance management is to inspire and increase performance. This demands a holistic approach from organizations to ensure that performance management is made an integral part of the entire employee experience.

Our Tandem has built its approach and platform with the human in mind to ensure the employee experience is fueling growth and potential at every touchpoint. With a toolkit to develop your people, inspire potential, and deliver a fulfilling employee experience that is suited to a hybrid working world and the demands for creating high-performing and more connected teams.

Download this whitepaper from Our Tandem to discover more about the new reality of Continuous Performance Management.

We are really bringing continuous performance management into the mainstream of people’s day to day. They’re no longer seeing it as just an HR process, but they’re actually understanding how it benefits them.

Maeve MacEnri, Director of Human Resources, KBC Bank


The pioneering feature of Our Tandem is continuous, real-time feedback, designed to ensure your people find it easy to give, receive and share feedback with each other generously. Through behavioral science, Our Tandem’s techniques ensure you not only have a platform to share feedback but that you can create sustainable habits in the organization that will ensure feedback becomes an integral part of the way you work. It also provides unique coaching dashboards that help employees interpret patterns of feedback through the lens of their strengths and development needs, guiding them toward their growth through microlearning.

Our Tandem clients often see over half of feedbacks incorporating the company values, bringing to life the values to a point where employees see them in each other.

Forbes recently stated, “working from home may have eroded that sense of value because when we are physically separate, we are reminded with less regularity about how we connect with others’ work.” So, there is real value in integrating this culture of continuous feedback which reminds employees of the contribution they are making to the job, team, wider organization, and its ecosystem of clients.

People are embracing the whole idea of feedback more. We are beginning to build the culture of CPM… there’s more understanding that with the check-ins, the organization can really see how people are progressing and it just adds into that whole agile way of working.

Maeve MacEnri, Director of Human Resources, KBC Bank


Particularly with a hybrid workforce, regular check-in conversations are crucial to employee connectedness.

“More than 40% of people who responded to Microsoft’s Work Trend Index, a global survey of over 30,000 people in 31 countries, said they are considering leaving their employer this year”. And, 42% of those planning to leave stated that their employers not maintaining employee connectedness and culture was a big part of feeling like this.

Our Tandem empowers every employee to have meaningful conversations. With the functionality to specify different types of check-ins, Our Tandem ensures managers are using guided conversations to drive development, boost performance, and improve wellbeing.


It’s not revolutionary that helping employees set and reach goals is vital for your business. However, whilst goals have long been used as a quantitative measure for employee performance, many organizations find that the top-down, cascaded goal-setting process takes a huge amount of time, is resource-heavy, and can be too slow to keep up with the demands of the business.

However, Our Tandem has a new answer to goals, facilitating agile and bottom-up alignment. This new approach ensures everyone understands the context and importance of their goal, without the burden of a top-down, cascaded approach.

On a recent Our Tandem client site, 100,000 goals were uploaded in the system within a day, with no requirement for training guides or additional support. The organization could see at a glance where the organization’s priorities lay and how they fit with their wider organizational strategy. This kind of analytics transforms Our Tandem review and report on goals to senior leadership teams.


With Our Tandem you can display not just data, but provide true insights.

Carol Koffman, Head of Performance, Standard Bank

Data is just numbers and a collection of information, but when it converts to insights, you have some powerful tools to support your leadership teams to strategically analyze the employee experience. With Our Tandem’s strategic analysis and employee experience dashboards, their clients benefit from insightful analytics that can predict if your desired employee experience is reflected in the lived experience of different regions or indeed different profiles of staff.

Consider if you truly understand if a woman in your organization receives as much developmental feedback as a man – if their goals are as stretched and ambitious – if they receive the same level of recognition or redirection when they need it?

While it may not be obvious, subtle differences can impact a woman in your organization vs. a man, a graduate vs. a long-term employee, and these experiences can impact their perception of what kind of employee experience truly exists. Understanding these nuances can enable you to hit your retention targets or empower your ability to attract best-in-class employees. You may think overall the experience is the same, but small subtleties in the data can tell you otherwise.


At the core of the product, Our Tandem inspires employees through crowdsourced real-time continuous feedback, regular check-ins, agile goal setting, 360 and pulse surveys, and insightful analytics for HR.

They have a complete focus on the manager and employee coaching – acting as the ‘coach in your pocket’. They have an advanced ability to measure the entire employee experience with intuitive strategic dashboards. And, Our Tandem has been built with the most prominent enterprise challenges and complexities in mind. You can easily integrate Our Tandem with your ERP system, Outlook, and your learning portal but they also partner with you during the implementation, having worked on many large HCM implementations worldwide.

Our Tandem provides a full Change Management program post-implementation – driving their unique adoption methodology to ensure successful adoption. It is with this expertise, that Our Tandem enables clients to deploy quickly and build a bridge from traditional performance management o new CPM practices that inspire.

Get in touch with the Our Tandem team to find out what they can do for you and your people here.

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