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Navigating the Hybrid Hiring Era

Create a better and fairer candidate experience with the right blend of digital and human hiring strategies.


Unleash Your Hiring How have applicants negotiated changes in digital recruitment trends and what systems and processes can recruiters employ in the new era of hybrid hiring?

Recruitment can’t go back to the analog era, but it can’t be fully digital either… It’s time for a hybrid hiring approach.

Job searching in 2021 looks very different than it did just a few years ago.

In this latest report from Tribepad, 78% said the impact of Covid-19 made job-seeking harder.

Candidates are now more familiar with video interviews, online applications, and software like Applicant Tracking Systems. They’re savvier than ever. And in their fight to be the one who gets hired, they’ve learned and shared new techniques.

So, while candidates are clearly now more comfortable with, and can see the benefits of, more technology in the hiring process. Human contact and involvement still need to be present at the appropriate time. Because the human touch – and human contact – is still an essential part of creating a great candidate experience.

Tribepad’s report, “Navigating the Hybrid Hiring Era” provides valuable insights off-the-back of a 1,000 person survey of job-seekers in the UK.


  • In-depth analysis of how real job-seekers are feeling about their experiences in their searches and application processes
  • Candidate experiences with tech and what recruitment tools are being used by employers
  • Insights around Digital Exclusion
  • How recruiting automation can help you succeed in your role
  • Understand the argument for human contact and sentiments from real candidates

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