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Digital Transformation Secrets from Fortune 100 HR Leaders

PepsiCo and Microsoft share transformation insights.

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Digital transformation secrets
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Unleash Your Transformation Global leaders from Fortune 100 companies such as PepsiCo, Microsoft, and more on preparing for digital transformation in the ‘never normal’.

  • Seven in 10 of the world’s most valuable companies are digital natives.
  • COVID-19 accelerated the need for rapid digital transformation.
  • Digital workflow is now the foundation of competitiveness and growth, so key to business survival in the new world.

“Every business realized they had to be ahead of the game with digital transformation or they would fail.”

That was a key takeaway from the past year as the pandemic disrupted businesses and accelerated the urgent need for effective digital, connected workflow.   

In our latest panel discussion, leading transformation specialist Shakti Jauhar, CEO of Mechanism Wellness and former senior vice president of global HR operations and transformation at PepsiCo, hosts an in-depth conversation with Microsoft’s Corporate vice president of HR services Kerry Olin, global HR leader Sonia Mooney and UNLEASH CEO Marc Coleman, on preparing your business for digital transformation in the ever changing ‘never normal’.

 “Seven in 10 of the world’s most valuable companies are digital natives,”

Jauhar explains, “and they are disrupting many industries as they grow. Digital is now the foundation of competitiveness and growth so this is key to business survival in the new world we find ourselves in.”

As all global organizations plan for the remaining months of 2021 and forecast for 2022, many are preparing for the fact that change is going to be the only constant.

How do you plan for rapid change?

Here we bring you the insider secrets on accelerated HR technology deployment, transformation, and adoption in a world where businesses continue to work to boom or bust, busy or frozen or hanging on for dear life as organizations wait for the next normal to settle.

Kerry Olin was in the thick of accelerated digital innovation at Microsoft during the pandemic as 365 applications like Microsoft Teams became a lifeline for remote workers to stay connected and contributed a boost in productivity for many organizations during this time.

Kerry says: “We set about a few years to reimagine the virtual desktop and the product leaders at the time had the good sense to recognize the assets that existed with our document storage construct with SharePoint and our basic applications with the Office apps, and to not ask people to completely learn brand new ways of doing things.


“For many people who are used to being productive with Office experiences, how do we take that and make it a more connected, real-time experience. So, timing matters. If the pandemic had occurred three or four years earlier, we may be talking about this differently.” In our exclusive discussion, Olin tells us about the past year and how he transformed his own workflow to keep momentum.

EMPLOYEE-first transformation

Global HR leader Sonia Mooney, formerly of Rolls Royce, brings a human-centered approach to the digital transformation workflow, arguing that putting employees first in any digital roll out must come first. Mooney shares action points for HR leaders on enacting future transformation.

Together our leading panel, led by Jauhar, break down the tactics they deploy for successful digital transformation as they progress through a year where all organizations diligently continue to keep their employees safe and virtually engaged, whilst preparing for safe return to the workplace. The Prioritization? Jauhar says = the employee experience = Engagement = Health.

Jauhar and the Fortune 100 panel offer actionable insights for how HR leaders retool and transform their digital workflow to adapt the changing needs of the employees, sharing examples from their experiences over the past 18 months.

With thanks to Shakti Jauhar, co-founder and CEO of Mechanism Wellness, a new leading technology platform for functional medicine, which is already been adopted by HR teams from some of the biggest global corporations. 

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