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Win the Future: 4 Actions to Create Talent-Building Success

Building talent from within pays for itself compared to replacing an employee.


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Unleash Your Talent Creating a talent-building pipeline can enable HR leaders to break down the barriers for creating tomorrow’s workforce.

Why Talent-Building Matters?

The global digital skills gap was considered a “crisis” before COVID-19 and has only grown wider during the pandemic. How do we address the shortage of workers with the needed skills to meet talent demands as we race to digitize and automate operations? It’s a daunting task.

When a business looks to build new skills and capabilities, most look to hire a new employee with the needed experience, evaluating candidates through a set of criteria and then buying that talent. But when talent isn’t available that meets the criteria, building upon existing talent makes better sense. When a company invests in an existing employee to develop the needed skill, they are talent-building. 

Talent-building isn’t in the “let’s create more content or deliver more training” bucket. Instead, it requires establishing workflows, resources, and tools to turn today’s ad hoc employee development funnel into an always-on talent-building pipeline.

So, how can you generate a successful, inclusive, and scalable talent-building pipeline?

This e-book from Learn In outlines the barriers and biases that prevent organizations from reaching upskilling goals, and the actions to build a talent-building pipeline that can overcome barriers and biases.

  • Understanding the value of talent-building in your organization
  • Discover four of the primary barriers to effective upskilling
  • Learn how upskilling can work as a diversity engine if done right
  • Takeaway a number of actionable steps to implement into your skills strategy

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