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The Future of Work Report: Employee Benefits and Work Trends in Europe

The impacts of COVID-19 on today and tomorrow.


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Unleash Your Curiosity What do employees need and want today from their employee benefits?

Many experts say COVID-19 marked the end of work as we once knew it. As a result, the needs and wants of employees today have changed. 

So, what is the future of work and subsequently, the future of employee benefits? To find out, Benify surveyed more than 58,000 employees across Europe.

Download this Report to find out:

  • What employees really want from their employers in their compensation and benefits offerings now, and in the future
  • What’s important to your employees in their work
  • How you, as an HR leader, can adapt your benefits strategies to be competitive for attracting and retaining talent
  • What culture and Employer Branding has to do with your Benefits model and what success looks like

In many cases, the employee benefits that were seen as attractive only yesterday have lost their appeal today. For example, digital workouts like at-home yoga programs are more useful to employees right now than perhaps a gym membership or a massage.

HR leaders today understand the importance of offering employee benefits, the problem many are experiencing though is low participation rates. Understandably, this can be frustrating when an organization and its HR leaders have worked hard to develop a benefits strategy that reflects the company values and addresses the varying needs of all its employees.

So, what does the short and long-term futures hold for employees and organizations?

Participants were asked to answer a series of questions about their employee benefits, the current situation, their working conditions, what they want most from their employer, and what they consider most important when choosing a company to work for.

Download the report today to find out the results of this expansive survey to get your benefits offering on track for success.

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