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People Technology Success – A step by step masterclass

A 12-step guide on how to navigate, succeed and lead with people technology project work.

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Unleash Your People Technology Tackle when and how to identify the benefits of system change, the structure of your business case, and how to appeal to your project’s stakeholders.

  • Discover how to make the case for change and the key components to creating a compelling and persuasive business case.
  • Learn how to assess HR technology options in a way that is compatible with the realities of the organization today, and of the future.
  • Understand how you can win cross-functional leadership support to drive organizational change.

Undertaking a people technology project can be a daunting prospect, especially if project management isn’t your day job.

However, success isn’t far away. Through effective planning, knowledge-sharing strategies, and collaboration with the right stakeholders, you can make your people technology project soar. A new people technology project is more than simply selecting a new system; it is about making the case for organizational change to deliver real value.

This webinar with experts from UNLEASH and Phase 3 focused on how to identify the benefits of system change, the structure that your argument can take, and the who, when, and how to appeal to your project audience. From the inception of the business case to the handover into Business As Usual, our panelists offer an indicative project timeframe to explain the way and the why of a project step by step.

If you need help deciding whether your people technology has longevity then we have a handy guide for you to look at here.

HR Tech is now an integral part of the HR skill-set… 

…and that’s because it’s integral to people and organizational strategy. 

According to the panelists, Fosway research shows that 33% of organizations are actively considering their next technology updates. But the idea of implementing technology, from whether you need new tech or whether you just need to update what you already have can seem like a minefield. 

And if you’re wondering if you should be looking into new HR tech for your organization, our panelists believe that every business will need to transform their HR Technology in the next 10 years, so it’s definitely worth thinking about.

With over 20 years of industry knowledge and insight into the changing requirements of technology, our expert panel delivers a 12-step toolkit full of real, practical advice on the planning and methods needed for winning support and rolling out an HR tech project.

12 Steps to success

1. Making the Case 

2. The HR Systems Market
3. The Process of System Selection
4. Documents and Discovery
5. HR as the Project Manager
6. Sorting the Stakeholders
7. Implementation and Design Choices
8. Testing times
9. Training and Communications Plans
10. Go-live
11. Early days System Support
12. Better Business As Usual 

Your toolkit for better business performance

From the inception of your HR technology project and the initiation of a business case to your organization excelling in its performance, these 12 significant opportunities for smooth success are unpacked in this detailed masterclass session.

But why are we talking about this now?

A few months ago, UNLEASH unveiled findings from a survey we’d undertaken through our Why HR Projects Fail Report, where 84% of nearly 1000 HR leaders claimed their recent HR technology projects were unsuccessful.

Given the total overhaul of expectations from HR from the business and from employees, and the expected rate of change for the future of work, your HR tech needs to be up to the task. And it’s not just about choosing the right tech too. It’s about understanding all the stakeholders involved and bringing them into the project plan at the right times, as well as ways to get helpful intel for your decision-making, even before you open up the purse strings.

Guided by the 12 steps to success, you’ll be provided with practical guidance for your unique HR technology project journey, and even if you’re not embarking on a new tech project now, the content within this on-demand workshop will provide advice to help you get the most out of your current technology solutions. From updating a small piece of technology functionality, or developing a new module, to a complete system overhaul, there’s a takeaway in this webinar relevant for you.

James Proctor, Director of Consulting and Services, Phase 3

James leads service delivery and operations at Phase 3. His industry knowledge is second to none with insight gained from an impressive career in both payroll and HR.

James is constantly seeking and creating service innovations to assist in the delivery of projects at Phase 3.


Louise Johnston, Leader in Successful People Technology Projects, Phase 3

Louise plays a critical role in successful project delivery at Phase 3.

Her years of industry knowledge coupled with her ability to translate HR requirements into technology service delivery enables her to ensure customer success across all projects.

Moderated by Kate Graham, Head of Content Labs and Insights, UNLEASH

Kate has worked in HR tech for 18 years. Now heading up content labs and insight for UNLEASH, she works with organizations using HR, talent, and learning technologies to feed into the research and content agenda, shaping insight and analysis outputs for a global audience. Kate also works with vendors to unpack best practices and share success stories, showcasing the latest industry innovations and how solutions are helping organizations today.

Check out our exclusive interview with Phase 3 Founder, Assad Ahmed about Putting People at the Heart of Company Decisions.

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