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Igniting a recruiter’s superpowers with a chatbot side-kick

EXCLUSIVE interview with a recruitment chatbot.

Unleash Your Recruitment SuperpowersMixing things up, it was our turn to interrogate the chatbot!

In this UNLEASH first, we caught up with DORA, the recruitment chatbot, as well as Co-Founder from creator firm, Happy Recruiter, Liviu Livanu. We delved into why DORA believes that bots like her can help recruiters be more efficient, less stressed, and ultimately be more productive in their work.

In this special interview, we get a glimpse into the first platform to provide recruiters with the reasons why candidates have rejected a job offer.

Insights like this are amongst many other automated functionalities that can enable recruiters to build strong, tangible strategies and make their lives much easier, allowing them time to focus on the human elements of the job that cannot be replaced by technology.

For the Recruiter:

As a Forbes article notes, there are definitely friction points within a recruiter’s job. One of the most important and challenging tasks for recruiters is to find the right talent from the crowd. To add to the list, most of the skillful candidates are passive. For choosing only the relevant candidates, recruiters have to:

  • Create engaging content for job portals
  • Focus on compelling recruitment strategies, and most importantly,
  • Perform regular follow-up actions.
  • Strategize to meet business goals
  • Gauge competitor’s moves
  • Set realistic, yet challenging benchmarks
  • Understand employee satisfaction levels, as well as the candidate experience

These tasks, along with finding candidates, are obviously monumental. So why not implement technologies that can take on some of these repetitive jobs and enable recruiters to focus on the strategic and human-side of their work?

For the Candidate:

Chatbots can also be really beneficial to the candidate experience. Tools like chatbots and apps tie into the habit and culture of our employees. In our mobile-first world, candidates are expecting their job searching experience and recruitment processes to follow the same “one-click” navigation journey that most of their daily tasks fall into. Candidates expect instant gratification and to have that consumer-grade experience.

Also, with 50% of respondents in a 2019 Oracle study admitting to asking a robot for advice over their boss, there is clearly evidence that employees are warming up to the regular presence of AI, which can surely mean that your potential candidate pool will feel this way too?

In one of our recent articles, where we spoke to Dr Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, he argued that rather than introducing errors into the recruitment process, as many candidates suspect, AI can actually help to remove biases and serve the applicant in finding roles that they are better suited to. “There’s no question to me that technology can and should be used to match people to jobs,” he says.

The Chatbot Superpowers:

There has been a lot of scaremongering in recent years around automation and whether it will replace humans in the workplace. With recruitment chatbots like DORA, this isn’t the case. Their role is to support the recruiter by screening and nurturing candidates and providing insights into the recruitment flow to enable more strategic and better-informed decision-making and more time for the parts of the recruitment process that require a human touch and human connections to be created.

DORA can be set by recruiters to ease their workload in the early stages of the recruitment process. She can help recruiters to screen candidates from social media, various websites, and candidate databases. She can ask candidates questions about their experiences, particular skills, and relocation desires for example – exactly the same as a recruiter would do – only there’s zero-touch from the recruiter at this point.

Equally, the beauty of chatbots and apps is that it doesn’t have to correspond to when you’re working. It’s accessible anytime, anywhere – so better for the candidate and better for the recruiter.

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