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Authentic Recruitment Marketing with Employee-Generated Videos

Making authentic branded video an integral part of the talent engagement process with VideoMyJob

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Unleash Your Employer Branding Talent teams need more engaging ways to connect with people throughout the employee lifecycle to attract, convert and retain employees.

  • As global unemployment rises, so does the number of applications for recruiting teams. Attracting quality and deflecting quantity is hard with text-only ads.
  • Video is a versatile medium with high engagement, but it’s expensive & time-consuming to produce.
  • BUT, employee-generated video reduces production costs to open up more possibilities to engage talent.

UNLEASH Product Spotlights look at products across the HR technology spectrum and are based on research and member input. Today, we look at VideoMyJob, who, since 2014, have been helping companies to make better connections through recruitment videos, employer brand videos and employee engagement strategies.

Challenges of the ‘new normal‘ for recruiters

In 2020, VideoMyJob pivoted to create features that drive video collaboration across dispersed teams. They see the hybrid working models that COVID has accelerated over the last 12 months, cementing the human preference and need for video.

In a world of work where it’s impossible or pretty difficult to be ‘connected’ physically, recruitment teams need to have tools they can utilize that will help them to communicate and to remain visible to their potential talent pools. There is now a need for recruiters to engage job seekers and employees that are in different locations.

To add to the difficulties, as global unemployment rises so does the number of applications per vacancy. So, recruiters are increasingly struggling with attracting quality candidates whilst deflecting the quantity. Equally, in our remote, digital-first world, cutting through the online hubbub which the whole industry is leaning on to reach potential talent is becoming really tough – so how do recruiters stand out from their competitors as an employer when we’re all using the same digital job boards?

The Business Impact of a Strong Employer Brand

Employer brand and company brand are inextricably connected. Even though each form of branding has two distinct words to describe it, organization leaders should not consider them separately. The atmosphere a company builds for its employees can be the trump card when it comes to promoting the business, given the pace at which knowledge travels nowadays.

Employer branding can help be an indicator to the prospective talent pool as to the quality of an organizations’ products, reflects the environment that employees work in, and the type of employer the company enacts. And, as we highlighted earlier, organizations are also struggling to cut above the noise both internally and externally, to really champion their employer brand.

The Ultimate List of Employer Brand Statistics from LinkedIn

There’s plenty of evidence that having a strong employer brand makes it easier to hire and has a positive effect on the company’s bottom line in many ways. For most firms, those statistics lead to millions of dollars in savings and a shorter time to employ.

According to LinkedIn, “The impact of an employer brand is real: a strong talent brand directly influences the company’s overall success that comes with building an all-star team.” And they backed this up with a couple of fascinating stats;

  • 28% reduction in an organization’s turnover
  • 50% more qualified applicants
  • 50% reduction in cost-per-hire
  • 1-2 x faster time to hire

So, What Does Employee-Generated Video Offer for Your Employer Branding Strategy?

In May 2019, VideoMyJob and SocialTalent commissioned research to investigate how and why the talent industry is using video. This report, titled The State of Video in Talent, investigates the outcomes of this research, which comprised a multinational survey of more than 600 people from a variety of talent disciplines in 50 countries.

They found, 93% of job seekers have watched an employer brand video to learn more about a company. We know that recruitment marketing is really hard with just text.

State of Video in Talent

We know that video is a versatile medium with high engagement, but it can be very expensive and time-consuming to produce, especially if you really want to ‘wow’ and stand out from your competitors. Outsourcing video content which has obviously been the more expensive option also now provides further challenges, even if you do have the budget allocated, due to impossibilities with coordinating production around lockdowns.

And now is actually a really vital time that organizations can be harnessing video for their messaging – demonstrating how they are supporting their employees in the current difficult environment with real-time visibility through employer brand videos.

Incorporating video is more about getting the tools into the hands of our team so that they can create video themselves. Especially at this moment in time, video gives us a flexible platform to tell employee stories in local languages, using brand-compliant features, in a really human way.

Rachel Nevers, Talent Attraction at LinkedIn, Talent Blazers Episode 11

With job seekers today wanting more transparency than ever before, employee-generated video offers the solution to not only provide an authentic, engaging and credible medium, they help to reduce production costs to open up more possibilities to engage talent.

Employee-generated video enables prospective talent to have a cemented image of a brand in their minds; have an example of position or employee that they can aspire to; begin building a sense of socialization and connection with your employees; and be provided with a credible and trustworthy source of information about an organization and their work.

VideoMyJob’s New Collaborative Features

Recruitment marketing teams can spend a lot of time creating an employer brand that will cater to the right talent pools, but as we’ve discussed, producing exclusive stories has been costly and time-consuming, let alone the added difficulties that lockdowns and remote, hybrid working promotes.

VideoMyJob makes it affordable to create employer branding videos at scale, through teams and locations.

VideoMyJob has been around for 5 years, had 35,000 videos created on the platform, with 22 minutes on average to create a video with them. They believe the employee-generated content solution has saved our customers $53 million in production costs. In 2020, VideoMyJob pivoted to create features that drive video collaboration across dispersed teams. 

Check out more on how to engage talent and inspire people to connect with this Product Demo from the team:

As you can see, VideoMyJob really simplifies the video strategy and production elements, by offering an intuitive and fail-safe experience for one-time users, that really harnesses the advantages of mobile tech.

By being mobile-first for both production and editing, they provide a tool that means videos are really fast and simple to record, as well as making it efficient and easy to retrieve videos that are created by Hiring Managers and Employees. This is such an important ingredient for a successful tool in today’s remote work context, meaning accessibility and collaboration is still achievable for dispersed teams.

Using VideoMyJob, recruitment marketing teams can outsource content creation to all employees, anywhere – creating that authentic and highly engaging video content for your recruitment campaigns and in turn, improving your Employer Branding.

By using video in this way you are able to reach passive candidates easier and ultimately improve your time-to-hire and quality-of-hire metrics, whilst engaging your employees into your company and brand even further.

Bring your workplace stories to life with authentic employee videos. Produce and distribute quality, branded video content quickly and cost-effectively using a tool everybody owns – a smartphone. Manage content from web or mobile. Find out more at

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