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Your Gateway to Top Talent: How to Automate Social Media Recruitment

Join this UNLEASH and Happy Recruiter webinar 22nd April 2021 at 2:00 PM GMT. Webinar will be recorded.


Photo by @artsyobjects via Twenty20

Unleash Your Automated Recruitment Dive into why companies need to use technology and automation for recruitment from 2021 onwards.

You will learn why the HR professional and robots should be best-friends and how you can get more capacity using the technology now available, leaving more time for the humans to add the human-centric value in recruitment that can’t be automated.

Even if you have an abundance of applicants, the benefits of employing a robot to screen and nurture your candidate pool is invaluable. And, if you do not have applicants – a robot is the perfect way to reach them automatically, via social media. Automation helps you to increase capacity, productivity and the speed of the end-to-end recruitment process. Not only this, but it can enable a bias-free, always available and on-brand approach to recruitment. Find out the benefits and challenges associated with automating recruitment processes and employing a robot, especially in our current pandemic-impacted contexts by signing up for this webinar today.

What we’ll cover:

  • What challenges within recruitment do we have today?
  • Why you’re not alone if you’re sceptical about recruitment technology
  • The benefits of technology like chatbots from the candidate perspective
  • Using technology and automated chatbots for recruitment – the pros.
  • A glance into the future – using a recruitment robot

Featured Presenters:

Liviu Livanu, Co-Founder, Happy Recruiter

Liviu is an experienced former HR recruiter and learned the hard way what the recruiters need to be happy by doing recruitment. In 2017, together with a team of experienced recruiters, launched and Dora, the recruitment robot.

Julie Lavigne, Digital Recruitment Guru, Digital Talent Hunters

House of HR is constantly redesigning the world of human resources management according to the needs and opportunities that arise across geographic and disciplinary boundaries. In March 2017 they received the award for Innovative Hiring Practices from Great Places To Work. Julie works closely with a team of driven colleagues in the domains that fascinate her: (digital) recruitment with a physical approach and a great deal of attention for customer & candidate experience.

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