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How agile are your HR products and services?

Here’s how you can make the transition from legacy to agile HR.

Sonia Mooney

Agile HR
Photo by Nejc Soklič on Unsplash

Unleash Your Curiosity The coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the need for HR to be agile. Here’s how you can make the transition from legacy to agile HR.

  • What does the journey from legacy HR to agile HR look like?
  • Agile HR allows you to deliver more value to your people.
  • The best time to begin your transformation is now.

Agile is one of the hottest topics in HR. Every organization seems to have it on the agenda, and if the pandemic has taught us anything in business, it’s the criticality of agility

Making the shift from legacy HR to Agile HR is a business differentiator. The agile mindset and methodology enable us to deliver more value for our people, businesses and customers — with less work from our teams, enabling resources to be re-invested in value add activities.

But what does the journey from legacy HR to agile HR actually look like for HR leaders and functions? And if you’re just beginning your journey where do you even start? 

Start here, using these six concepts to support your journey:

1. Transition away from hierarchy, control and separate teams to small, cross functional accountable teams.

2. Make the shift from focusing on process and what needs to get done, to experience – how it feels for our people and customers.

3. Move away from legacy complexity which drives waste and instead focus on simplicity to create efficiencies.

4. From a silo mentality and resistance to change, make the shift towards a culture of collaboration and continuous improvement.

5. Instead of having HR products and services designed by experts – without the employee lens, co-create with your people for better business outcomes.

6. From our legacy approach of big bang launches delivered over time, instead focus on quick wins, releasing incrementally – test, learn, iterate.

Legacy Agile HR

Harnessing the power of agile can actually be very straightforward.

You don’t need to put it off until next year, wait until you have more time, capacity, or budget. The perfect time will never arrive and in fact, the best time to begin is right now. 

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