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3 HR Megatrends affecting People and People Tech in 2021

The future of work, and our chance to improve the lives of workers all over the globe, is finally here.

Unleash Your People We face sweeping disruption, yet never before have we faced such an opportunity to improve the lives of so many at work.

  • 2021 will see businesses putting people before profits as they adopt a broader purpose.
  • Work and the workplace will become more centered around employees’ lives, creating a more balanced work-life synergy.
  • We will witness the rebirth of HR this year, as it reinvents itself to lead these efforts.

Anticipating your current and future employees’ needs while businesses everywhere are adapting and transforming at an unbelievably rapid pace is a challenge HR leaders across the globe are well versed with.

In this webcast, Rémi Malenfant, Director of HR Innovation & Customer Experience at UKG HR Service Delivery, and George LaRocque, SVP Content at UNLEASH, take a deep dive into the major socio-economic, geopolitical, and demographic forces at play, and discuss three HR megatrends that are affecting people and people technology in 2021.

People before profits

In 2021, organizations worldwide will need to redefine their purpose and ensure that it is aligned with all their internal and external stakeholders. “We need to move from shareholder value to stakeholder value,” Rémi explains. Companies are no longer around just to do business but are placing more importance on their purpose and investing in their employees and communities. This is the only way to be successful in the long run.

Work-life synergy

From an employee perspective, ensuring a strong life/work synergy will help make the new normal sustainable. The biggest challenge of 2021 for companies will continue to be remote work Rémi Malenfant told UNLEASH. While people have been able to maintain productivity, remote work has blurred the lines between work and home, and employees miss the human touch. In a post-pandemic world, the workplace needs to move towards a hybrid model where employees can get face-to-face contact when needed.

The rebirth of HR

In 2021, HR departments have the opportunity to reassess their own purpose and role in this transformation. More than ever before, HR is the crucial conduit between employees and the organization. HR has earned a seat at the table but now it needs to focus on keeping it. ‘We need to stop the conversation about HR being strategic rather than tactical, and instead focus on how it can be both’, says Malenfant.

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Featured Presenters

Rémi Malenfant, Director of HR Innovation and Customer Experience, UKG

Rémi Malenfant is Director of HR Innovation and Customer Experience at UKG HR Service Delivery (formerly known as PeopleDoc). He has more than 10 years of experience in HR. Passionate about the impact of digital in HR, he helps organizations to develop and realize their HR strategy through technology and supports them in optimizing and automating processes to improve service delivery as well as enhance the employee experience through technology-enabled solutions. Previously, Rémi held numerous HR roles at global testing, inspection, and certification company Bureau Veritas as well as consultancy roles at PwC and Capgemini. Rémi is an international speaker and thought leader on HCM trends, hot topics, and global strategies.

George LaRoque, SVP, Content, UNLEASH

George helps global HR leaders and technologists understand each other by drawing on his direct experience and research-based insights. He balances his passion for the promise of the future of work with pragmatism, having spent more than a decade as an HR leader a decade bringing leading HR tech brands to market, and another as a top market analyst.

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