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Carla Harris on leadership, innovation, and voice – Part 3

Carla Harris delivers four additional pearls of intentional leadership.

Yessi Bello-Perez


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Unleash Giants Wall Street veteran Carla Harris shares her insights on leadership, innovation, inclusivity, and the importance of voice and courage.

  • Morgan Stanley’s Carla Harris shares four additional pearls of intentional leadership.
  • A must-watch for anyone with a seat at the decision-making table.
  • Why leaders should aspire to create more leaders and an environment where innovation (and failure) is celebrated.

In part three of our exclusive video series, Carla Harris zooms in on intentional leadership through the lens of innovation, inclusivity, and courage.

Having already shared her thoughts on authenticity, trust, clarity, and diversity and inclusion, Harris now touches on the importance of leaders being able to create more leaders.

Click play to watch Carla Harris deliver an insightful commentary about the future of leadership.

“If you are choosing to be in leadership today, you should be disproportionately focused on creating leaders, for that’s how you amplify your impact and contribution,” Harris says.

Harris also speaks about innovation as the dominant competitive parameter in today’s market — and makes a vital point:

“If you want to make sure your team is hyper-focused on innovation, as they should be, then you must teach them how to fail. If they are deathly afraid of failing, then they will never reach far enough to truly innovate.”

Moving on, Harris touches on how leaders can ensure they create an inclusive environment. She acknowledges the fact that this is often perceived as a challenging task but notes that it’s as easy as soliciting other peoples’ voices.

Harris’ final point is about voice and courage. In this vein, the Wall St veteran says leaders must be willing to speak up and listen to others.

Catch up with part two, where Harris spells out the case for diversity and inclusion:

Click play to watch Carla Harris discuss the need for businesses to implement diversity and inclusion at the core of everything they do.

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