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Carla Harris on Diversity and Inclusion – Part 2

Carla Harris on why diversity is needed for business success.


diversity inclusion business carla harris

Unleash Giants Carla Harris talks about the business case for diversity and discusses why leaders must be intentional about it.

  • Carla Harris spells out the business case for diversity and inclusion and notes how we’re all vulnerable to unconscious bias.
  • Diversity, or the lack thereof, can have a huge impact on an organization’s go-to-market strategy.
  • Diversity isn’t nice to have, it’s a must. It should be a the forefront of every business decision.

In part two of this exclusive four-part video series, Carla Harris, the senior vice chairman, managing director, and senior client advisor at Morgan Stanley, talks about leadership and diversity.

Harris, whose successful career on Wall Street spans more than three decades, says: “If you are a powerful, impactful, and influential leader, you must be intentional about diversity because we are all vulnerable to unconscious bias.”

Click play to watch Carla Harris talk about intentional diversity.

Diversity and inclusion are a must

Known for her eight pearls of intentional leadership, Harris shares anecdotal experience to emphasize the fact that diversity of thought has a huge impact on an organization’s go-to-market strategy — and its long-term success.

“If you do not have diverse thinking at your decision-making table, you’ll have a gap in your go-to-market strategy. You’ll expose yourself unnecessarily and exceedingly to competitive threats,” she adds.

Harris takes things one step further and explores why businesses aren’t further along in their diversity and inclusion journey. For over 30 years, she says, diversity has been seen as a nice-to-do as opposed to as a strategic, competitive initiative.

This needs to change if businesses are ever to succeed. D&I shouldn’t be an after-thought, it should be at the core of every business decision and leaders must be intentional about it.

Make sure you check out part one where Harris talks about authenticity, trust, and clarity. She also discusses how the younger generations require leaders to offer constant feedback, to motivate and inspire.

Click play to watch Carla Harris talk about three key elements of intentional leadership.


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