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Stephen Fry Exclusive: Addressing Mental Wellbeing at Work


Unleash Your Curiosity Fry shares invaluable advice to help employers support employees suffering from mental health issues at work.

  • Fry shares his ideas on how employers can establish collective wellbeing practices.
  • He discusses the need for organizations to acknowledge mental health and wellbeing issues.
  • Fry provides insight into how employers can take a collaborative and consultative approach.

UNLEASH is proud to present an exclusive three-part video series featuring Stephen Fry, a renowned writer, actor, and comedian.

In this third and final instalment, Fry offers practical advice to help employers offer mental wellbeing support to people within their organizations.

He also explains why it’s important for employers to realize and acknowledge that mental health issues can arise at every level; affecting employees and leaders alike.

Fry emphasizes the need for tolerance and for business leaders to wake up to the fact that those suffering from mental health issues are still valuable contributors to a business.

Lastly, Fry highlights the different ways technology can be leveraged to benefit mental health and proposes that organizations take a collaborative approach, consulting with employees to foster a culture that enables people to partake in collective mindfulness and wellbeing practices.

The global COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of mental wellbeing — in and outside of work — and as organizations, of all shapes and sizes, seek to move forward it’s important to take stock and figure out how workplaces can become more supportive of workers’ needs.

The mental wellbeing conversation is likely (and rightly) set to continue into 2021 and beyond — make sure you take Fry’s advice on board.

Catch up on Part One, where Fry explores the incoming wave of technological transformation, and Part Two, where he talks about our collective need to upskill in the digital world.

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