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AkzoNobel on the Why HR Projects Fail Report


Anat Markus


@TatianaMara via Twenty20

Unleash Your HR Technology In our Why HR Projects Fail Report, 16% of respondents considered their HR tech projects highly successful, which means there was that 84% didn’t. But what’s a world-leading HR practitioner’s take on this?

  • 46% of respondents in the Why Hr Projects Fail Report cited three or more problems impacting project success. i.e., poor data, functionality preparedness, and poor change management.
  • 19% of respondents were too focused on technology rather than the outcomes.
  • 46% of HR Tech projects over-ran.

UNLEASH’s 8 Golden Rules for Successful HR Projects in their just-dropped Why HR Projects Fail Report enables HR and Business Leaders to get the best out of the systems they commission as CEO’s, CFO’s, CIO’s, and CHRO’s move to completely retool their organizations in 2021.

We interviewed Anat Markus, Global HR Operations at AkzoNobel on the report and have some EXCLUSIVE insights from her to share with you.

Failure is the biggest question we need to overcome

Anat Markus, Global HR Operations at AkzoNobel

Investing in new integration is big business, especially for organizations with a global reach. Anat Markus, Global HR Operations, AkzoNobel argues that for her, the most successful HR tech projects are the ones that never end but enter a continuous improvement cycle.  

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