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Exclusive: Why HR Projects Fail Report reveals 84% were ‘unsuccessful’

Our ground-breaking new report

Marc Coleman


Unleash Your PeopleOver the past 18 months, UNLEASH conducted research with over 1000 global organizations with combined HR Tech Project budgets of +$4 billion to form our 2020 report and prepare business as they look to completely retool their organizations in 2021.

  • 46% of respondents cited three or more problems impacting HR project success.
  • 84% claimed their recent HR Projects were unsuccessful.
  • 40%  reported 3 or more problems derailed programs and project success

COVID is not an inventor. It is a time machine that has pulled the HR profession forward by 5 to 10 years to power the new working world.

UNLEASH is bringing you our ground-breaking new Why HR Projects Fail report during a global crisis, one that is unheard of in our lifetime and for which the future economic, social, and human impact is still unfolding.

The events of 2020 have reinforced in me that the future of the workforce is changing more dramatically than anyone can predict, and it has led to fundamental changes in our labor force, economy, and politics.

Download the exclusive “Why Hr Project’s Fail” Report now.

That’s why seeing the statistics behind this report is both scary and heartening for what we must do next. Organizations must rethink how they do business, build an entirely new radar for the faster ‘COVID economy’ or next normal, mobilize their workforces, and unleash their technology investments for better adoption.

It is worrying to see so many people from the broader HR community saying tech projects don’t deliver the exponential benefits they expect. At UNLEASH, we’ve always asked our industry to call out the truth for full clarity and integrity. To clearly define what is working, what isn’t, and explore the direction of travel for Human Resources.

UNLEASH’s 8 Golden Rules for Successful HR Projects and Why HR Projects Fail enables HR and Business Leaders to get the best out of the systems they commission as CEO’s, CFO’s, CIO’s and CHRO’s move to completely retool their organizations in 2021.

We found ourselves in Terra Incognita; therefore, I must give special heartfelt thanks to our independent underwriters for funding this research. They’ve been patient, trusting, and braved the storm of being the first on this journey with us – ServiceNow, SurveyMonkey, and WalkMe.

HR Tech is coming of age and under the spotlight. Getting it right means HR can become the business value driver it aspires to be.

I’m delighted to share this report with our community.

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