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Updating Your Reskilling Program for Long-Term Wins

Fixing the skills gap.


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Unleash Your Reskilling Strategy Become proactive rather than reactive in delivering a reskilling strategy adapted to your future business success.

  • According to a study by Deloitte, 84% of companies surveyed are planning to increase investments in reskilling programs.
  • Often more profitable than downsizing or external recruitment, this strategy will only pay off in the long run if we rethink how we implement it.
  • Explore how to identify prospective skills; measure the skills in your company, and examine the importance of adapted training.

Download AssessFirst’s Report – Updating Your Reskilling Program for Long-Term Wins

The world of work is evolving at lightning speed and the COVID-19 crisis has been a major catalyst for some of the starkest changes: going remote overnight, health and sanitary constraints, growing needs for new digital tools… as far as adaptation goes, it’s do-or-die.

Meanwhile, what has become increasingly obvious is the skills gap as companies attempt to make that leap.

In order to rise to the challenge, many are now leaning into reskilling programs that aim to train employees for the needs of today and tomorrow.

That’s AssessFirst’s proposition with this white paper: question the status-quo and current reskilling norms – doomed to failure over the long term because they are based on a view of the working world that is no longer accurate – and deliver to you keys and tools to set up a reskilling strategy adapted to your business

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