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Finding Opportunity in Adversity

With great challenge comes great opportunity.

Sonia Mooney


@InLightOut via Twenty20

Unleash Your Opportunity Break down barriers from adversity and push past perceived limits.

  • Exceptional times require a new mindset.
  • Remove the legacy thinking, processes, and ways of working that are holding you back.
  • The most difficult experiences provide great learning opportunities

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With great challenge comes great opportunity, and the COVID pandemic has certainly been a challenge for most of us, especially in the realm of HR. Having said this, adversity provides us with an incredible opportunity – to break down barriers & push past perceived limits, to unleash creativity and truly collaborate, shaping effective new ways of thinking & working for our people & businesses. If we just alter our mindset and actually learn to harness what adversity throws our way, we can not only survive but thrive in these challenging contexts.

Here are 5 tips to help us all harness the power of adversity.

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About Sonia:

Sonia is a Global HR Leader, Consultant, Agile HR practitioner, and former Global Head of Talent Excellence at Rolls-Royce.

Her passion is helping HR Functions to supercharge their effectiveness – creating efficiencies, excellent employee experiences & better business outcomes. Ultimately delivering more value for their people, business and customers whilst freeing up teams to focus on more strategic, creative, value add activities.  

​With 20 years of HR experience, she is industry-recognized for leading collaboration to deliver creative, transformative change, market-leading solutions, and outstanding business results on a global scale.

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